Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novels is having a high amount of searching recently. She's TamilNadu 's Best Novel Author.

Most people like Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novels are very, very popular in India.

latest MR novels list
Puthithaga Oru Bhoopalam
Kalvanai Kaadhali
kadalil kalandha nadhi
Bhoomikku Vandha Nilavu
Kaatrodu Thoothu Vittean
Un Manathai Thanthuvidu
Sollathan Ninaikkirean
Inithaga Oru Vidiyal

She's writing the best novel In Tamil, it's based on love, romance novels, and it's also really interesting.

Compared with other novelists her books are better and more convincing. In reality the new author copies other novels and creates new ones

Yet her actual Novels Tamil novels give every part of the novels an innovative one well-designed role for character.

MR Novels

MR Novels is the short form of mam novels she writes more novels all very cute novels base in love, romance family.

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Kalki Novels

Kalki Novels are Historic Fiction Based, Kalki Novels social fiction Alai Osai is Really Popular in India, Kalki Novels In Tamil. Alai osai is India's Best Selling Book.

The novels are based on historical novels, which are very fascinating stories, each story will have its own parts and it will concentrate on very suspense novels

Novels Alai osai Kalki

The tale is about the fight for independence. This shows how the general public 's attitude towards the separation which came with freedom.

This best Tamil novel and it produces the best history in all around the world tells of the exodus of Indian life before independence how they suffer from the British Government and the British Government party.

Top 4 Best Novels

Parthiban Kanavu (1941–1943) About the Pallava Dynasty
Sivagamiyin Sapatham (1944–1946) About the Pallava Dynasty
Ponniyin Selvan (1951–1954) About the Chola Dynasty
Solaimalai Ilavarasi (1947) About Independence of India
Social Novels Of Kalki
Kalvaninn Kaadhali (1937)
Thiyaga Bhoomi (1938–1939)
Magudapathi (1942)
Abalayin kaneer (1947)
Alai Osai (1948)
Devagiyin Kanavan (1950)
Mohini Theevu (1950)
Poiman Karadu (1951)
Punnaivanathu Puli (1952)
Amara Thara (1954)

Kalki Novels Otrai Roja
This In Tamil novels based on two stranger lives.two people play an important role in the husband and wife in this novel.

All meet in a train woman native place Sri Lanka and man natural palace in Chennai.two faced with several life problems.

They failed to investigate their life's most disarmament and end life 's fundamental morality of the Kalki Novels plot.

Kalki was also a film dialog writer.he also wrote film lyrics.

pseudonym Karnatakam Flim

he mostly write for carnatic songs.

Honour of Kalki
India released the stamp
Sangeetha Kalasikhamani awarded to Kalki Krishnamuthy
On 5 December 1954, Kalki died of tuberculosis at Chennai, aged 55 years.

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