Copycat crow

There was a mountain in the forest. Garuda lived on the high peak of a mountain. There was a big tree at the foot of the mountain. A crow lived on the tree by building his nest. One day some sheep were grazing in the foothills. Garuda looked at a lamb. Garuda flew through a high mountain. Coming into the foothills, he pounced on the lamb. Taking him into clutches, he returned to the nest again. Crow also got excited seeing this might of Garuda. He thought if he could do it then why can't?

The next day the crow also saw a lamb grazing in the foothills. He also flew skyward as high as he can. Then he snapped loudly like Garuda to catch the lamb. But instead of reaching for the lamb, he hit a rock. His head exploded, his beak broke and his life-style flew off.

Moral - Without thinking, copying someone is bad.

Dog in the stables

A dog lived in a small village. That dog was very quarrelsome. One day he entered a stable and sat there on horse feed. He liked the place so much that he spent the whole day in the same place.

On the other hand, when the horses were hungry, they came to there stables to eat the feed.

But that dog did not allow any horse to go near stables.

Whenever anyone tried to come forward a little bit, the dog would bark at those horses. Poor horses remained hungry all day, neither the dog ate the feed nor did they feed the horses.

The result was that he and the horse itself remained hungry.

Moral: - do not forcefully occupy anyone's rights.

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