Folklore l the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth.

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A week ago, when I took a five minute break from my study session to stretch, I noticed that my phone was blowing up with notifications. That's when it happened - Taylor Swift had announced her eighth studio album - folklore.

The black and white photographs reminded me of Reputation, as did the album's title. Reputation was black and white as a metaphor for how nothing can be simplified to fit into the grey scale - life exudes color, that's just how it is. But the achromatic color scheme of folklore was a glimpse into the past; it was an effervescence of nostalgia and longing.

Similarly, witnessing the transition from Reputation (to Lover) to Folklore was captivating. Taylor went from an album titled after rumors passed along the grapevine, to the tales of traditions and culture was disarming. Reputation shared stories from her own life, incidents that would be shared on the group chat, or when you're gushing to your friends. Folklore paints a mystical picture of a fairy tale land that isn't too far away from reality; words of an unknown language scribbled in an old leather bound journal, 3 AM thoughts whispered to the moon.

With clean sounds, a minimal palette, and an enchanting atmosphere, folklore lets the lyrics talk. Intoxicating stories unravel, and heartache, love, and infatuation throb like the numbing humdrum of life.

I've been a Swiftie since Red, and grew up listening to Taylor's music. Watching her grow makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Her musical evolution, her growth as a person and in life, it all leaves me speechless. But her lyrics, they always transport me to another world.

Whilst I love all of Taylor's albums and music, Red holds a special place in my heart. And now, so does folklore.

- D

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