Hi guys!

I'm starting school again in less than a month and I'm sure most of you guys are too. I decided to round up some of my best advice to help you guys out this upcoming semester. I hope this article is helpful to you all!

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Sleep should be your number 1 priority. Don't skip sleep. Don't stay up late. Having a good sleep schedule will do wonders on your over all performance in your classes.

Have a Good Study Schedule

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As you know, each credit we take is how many hours we need to study each week. Make sure to make a schedule to fit all those credit hours. Don't be lazy. If you're taking classes at home or on campus, a schedule is important.

Dare to show the world who God is

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It's hard being a Christian in college. Everyone is into parties and drinking and the last thing on their mind is Jesus. That's when we can show them who he is. Shine his light. Do things that Jesus would do. Make Jesus famous. Having friends who are also Christian will help a lot with your walk with God on campus.

Choose Classes That Interest You.

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From my experience, taking boring classes is hard. It can make studying feel like a chore. If you don't want to learn than it can't help you. Having a fun class to look forward to will better the college experience.

Get to Know Your Classmates and Professors

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Having friends is what makes college all the worth while. Also they can be great study buddies. Their tips and advice might help you out a lot. And son't be afraid to ask your professors for some advice as well. You will be surprised what they might say.

That's it for today's article. Hopefully it was helpful. Please give it a like if it was. See you next time.

xoxo, Alycia