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WAKING UP so basically, I usually wake up around 7-8 AM and do my best not to go back to sleep although it's some I struggle lol.
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FIXING MY BED of course, I need to fix my bed because if I don't, My Mom will be so mad lol but I don'ty want her to get mad. So I have no choice but to fix my bed.
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SELF CARE Then I wash my face,brush my teeth and everything I need to do to take care of my self.
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PREPARING AND EATING MY BREAKFAST I also prepare my breakfast and eat it. I usually eat bread,pancakes and etc. but not rice because I'm on a diet lol.
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BRUSHING MY TEETH of course I brush my teeth because I have a braces actually and we don't want any food left within my brace.
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DOING CHORES yes, I'm a very lazy person but I just decided to start getting rid of my laziness because nothing will happen to me if i keep myself being lazy haha.
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USING MY PHONE then I spend 3 hours on my phone every morning and of course I chat with my friends,use whi, watch k-pop videos and many more.