Hi! I saw this "challenge" and it seemed interesting and funny haha (sorry if something is written wrong but I am still learning English).

Here's the link for Day 16:

Sooo... Let's start

2 things I wish I could do

  • Express myself
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It's pretty difficult to me to express my feelings and, sometimes, I don't do it when is necessary, and I don't like that people who are close to me think that I don't care about them. And it's not that, I don't find the corrects words to say. :c
  • Improve my writing
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Since I was little, writing has always caught my attention. I started to make a story but it will never see the light haha (it is not good at all). And for years I have an idea that I would like to write buuuuut I am not that good at it. So I hope that at least what I am studying will allow me to improve my skills (although I doubt it) hahaha. But faith is the last thing you lose!

Thanks so much for reading

I hope you liked it, byeee