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Which Greek god is your favourite?
candle, red, and fire image gif, red wine, and glass image
Hades but I'm partial to Dionysus and Hephaestus as well
Which Greek goddess is your favourite?
fruit, aesthetics, and fresh image antiques image
It's a toss up between Persephone and Athena (with Artemis right after them)
What Greek monster is your favourite?
Darkness, frank iero, and gerard way image aesthetic, art, and bronze image
Medusa because she's badass
If you could take any god's power, who would it be?
book, library, and art image fruit and pomegranate image
Athena or Hades
Aphrodite or Athena?
bird, free, and freedom image hair, tutorial, and fashion image
I love Athena
Hercules or Perseus?
sculpture, statue, and white image architecture, art, and beautiful image
I feel like Perseus is really underrated
Zeus or Poseidon?
clouds, hands, and magic image photography image
I hate them both but I like Zeus's powers better
Hades or Demeter?
skull image dog, black, and animal image
Hades for sure
Hephaestus or Ares?
eye, eyes, and iris image amazing image
Definitely Hephaestus
Apollo or Artemis?
aesthetic, art, and beautiful image adorable, adventure, and amazing image
Artemis easily but I like Apollo as well
What would you be the god(dess)/deity of?
forest, girl, and nature image animal image
Abandoned and wayward children and animals
What would be your patron animal?
aesthetic, alternative, and animal image animal, beauty, and black image
Black dogs
What city would you be the patron of?
beautiful, buildings, and architecture image Greece, volos, and 😍 image
What would be your symbol?
autumn, fall, and candle image aesthetic, night, and light image
Lit candles and lanterns

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