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Do you ever wear an outfit and you're just like where is the flavor?! Your outfit could be an 8 but you still want it to be a 10. Well, let me tell you how to level up your outfit and make it stand out!

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This article is inspired by Eid ( Eid is an Islamic festival that is celebrated twice a year if you wanna read more here is a link https://theconversation.com/what-is-eid-and-how-do-muslims-celebrate-it-6-questions-answered-118146) and yes we dress up for this celebration. There’s like a day left to Eid and your most probably either IN LOVEEE with your Eid outfit or your currently doubting whether you will look like princess Jasmine or not! So I decided to share these tips and tricks because they are simple but effective and works well with everyone! Even if you are not celebrating Eid this article still implies to you for whenever you need to level up your outfit five minutes beforehand.

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1) BELT:

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If you do not have at least one pair of belt then WHAT AREE YOUUU DOIIIINGGGG! And if you think only skinny girls wear belts HHHSSSSSSHHHH HONEY YOU’RE WRONG! Everyone I mean everyyyyonneee needs to have at least one black belt and one chain belt! I personally recommend a black belt that is made of thin silky material like satin or just any black belt that looks like a ribbon ahaha (trust me I wear one all the time and it does wonder). You could use this belt to tighten your waist area and add volume and gathering around it by pulling the top/dress (just a tiny bit) out of the belt or you could use this on an oversized jacket or blazer to wrap it and have an overlap kind of effect, also when wrapping the belt you do not have to always tie it as a bow especially if you’re not going for a feminine or soft kind of look so instead you can tie it as a knot or leave it free.
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A black belt could also add some drama to a simple slip dress or skirt, I could go on giving examples of 100 other ways you could use a black belt, honestly, all you have to do is think outside the box and TRYYY them but make sure you are fixing the fitting and not the opposite. Btw, you could use the black belt for fitting only without it being visible by tucking it under the trouser or by pulling out more of the top, that is why I recommended a thin silky material!
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CHAIN BELT is a MUST!!! Idc you just need it, you don’t have to invest in it but make sure you pick the right quality and COLOR! Ik gold chains are currently a hit but silver chains are as equally as important, I believe that they are both timeless, it just depends on how you wear them. I have been wearing mine for years and I will continue to do so, ooh yeah and you can wear them just like wearing the black belt.

2) Layering with colors:

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I know layering could be a bit tricky especially knowing that you could end up looking shapeless. Over layering could ruin the fit and makes the outfit look cheap BUTTT there is one type of layering that is a game changer and you all should try it if you still haven’t which is wearing a TOP under a top/dress/blazer/sweatshirts etc. I’ve seen many girls do this by simply wearing a white short-sleeve top and honestly it’s not bad (I feel like it only suits certain aesthetic like alternative maybe) but I am NOT a fan of it, it just looks cheap and messy and does not add anything to the outfit! So if you are doing that please stop and replace that with TURTLE NECKS, COLLARED LONG SLEEVE TOP OR WITH EXTRAVAGANT SLEEVES! You could go with basic colors like WHITE and nudes if you’re going for a simple look or you could use any other color (Complementary colors) to break the color code of the fit and to spice it up. I would also recommend that you choose a long sleeve top because you could use the end of the sleeve to fold it on top the sweatshirt/blazer/top to make it look chic and polished!
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3) Adjusting length:

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You might think that you have the right pair of jeans for instance so why would you need to adjust the length. Well, you are correct but not entirely because for certain looks this could be like an excess fabric that makes the look messy. This could be eliminated by simply folding the extra length. To make it clearer, imagine wearing your daily normal length jeans with Nike Air Jordan 1 or the new renew cotton chunk Taylor All Star, did you imagine it so what do you think? Messy or naaah?! So yes a perfect finished look will definitely spice uppp your fit.

Oooh, you could also use this hack where you add a hair tie on top of your sleeve then pull up the sleeve to adjust the length and add a little bit of gathering and puff on your arm!

4) Accessorize:
If you didn’t see this one coming, you are definitely behind in fashion but that’s okay cuz I’m telling you rn! There are many ways you could use accessories to spice up your outfit but one of my favs is using the accessories to break the color code! It is the easiest way to wearing daring colors, especially when your new to colors. Btw, I wrote an article explaining the basics of colors and how to style them:

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People are obsessing over layered gold jewelry and I’m here for it but there are also other trends that are around including beaded jewelry!!! Yes happy jewelry! There are also accessories that are never out of trend like diamonds and I honestly can’t help myself but layer diamonds ( not real diamonds duuh I’m too broke for that but the bling bling jewelry you know what I mean). Remember that your style reflects your personality and one way to express your personality is by accessories. Is it just me or I feel like bucket hats explain a lot about a person, I feel like they simply try to enjoy life and stay positive, they are not loud but they are not introverts either, you just need to get to know them well ( Omg I am actually enjoying this, explaining people’s personality through their style, I feel like I should make this an article. Woooohhhow I got inspired!!) so if your too anxious to speak, this is for you make your style your voice. Be true to yourself and stick to your style!
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5) Hair and makeup:

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This is what makes the outfit COMPLETE. Please don’t dress up if your gonna let your face and hair dress down. I feel like everyone obsesses over makeup and not hairstyles and when they do pay attention to their hair they end up either straightening it or curling it and TBH as much as I love these hairstyles I am sick of seeing them! Like come on its 2020 I know you can do much more to your hair. Also, make use of the hair accessories pleaseeeee! I am highlighting this because a good hairstyle and makeup could emphasize the look on the outfit. You know that different styles require different hairstyle and make up ,for instance, an off-shoulder dress doesn’t go well with hair laid down, especially when it lays on the shoulder! A powerful look consists of red lipstick. Honestly, guys if you’re feeling down put on red lipstick and dress up and enjoy life I promise you it makes a difference( at least it made a difference to me). I am telling you this because I want you to remember that you could find your own happiness, you don’t have to wait for no one to brighten your day, BE YOUR OWN SUNSHINE!!
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CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE CONFIDENCE REPEAT WITH ME CONFIDENCE MANIFEST CONFIDENCE! Idk how to stress the importance of confidence. Basically, without confidence everything I said is pointless! No matter how much I speak I don’t have the capabilities to make you confident (I wish if I did, I would literally share my confidence with everyone that needs it) ONLY YOU COULD MAKE YOURSELF CONFIDENT. I share these styling tips to help you feel pretty so you could be confident in yourself and for you to realize what kind of a QUEEN YOU ARE! I hope that you make use of my articles to enjoy putting on outfits that reflects who you are and that brings out your inner badie heheee. And that my ladies is the how you spice up your outfit!!


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First of all, do you know that you look so pwettttyy with the hijab! But you probably need to hear this from someone so I will say it STOP wearing COTTON scarfs pleaseeeeeee! Please if you wanna spice up your outfit change your scarf according to your outfit and don’t be afraid to explore the different kinds of scarfs. I mean look at this girl. Look at how she is slaying the black satin scarf like a queeeeen so what are you waiting for queen!
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I hope you enjoyed my article! Here are more articles I wrote please do read them for more fashion tips!! Also, I would love to see your eid outfits, don’t be shy and dm your fits so I could hype you up!

Love y’all