The fashion community has always been surrounded over the glorification of only Models & Designers.
Most of the time, many newcomers come into the community wanting to become the next Top Model or even the next biggest designer, and although it's not impossible, it is still very competitive and not everyone can unfortunately make it.

But, thanks to a modern day community, many community members are able to become well-known through the way of Celebrity. Becoming a socialite is something that can be more easily established if designing and modeling isn't in your category.
Socialites are often people who've gained friendships with A-List Members as well as a mass following in Social Medias where they become more known, and attend events, post constant, but high quality photoshoots, and make sure to be keeping up with the latest trends.

Some of the luxuries of becoming a socialite is getting PR Packages, Rising in the Social Status, and also getting invited to the most Exclusive Events and potentially becoming friends with a newer crowd.

In Honey Milk, for example, one of the biggest areas where all community members interact has been opening it's events to invite "Socialites" rather than just Models or Close Connected friends/Plus ones.

Becoming a socialite is a hit or miss social status because with many people wanting to become one, it doesn't always happen in an instant or at all for some. So, make sure to take notes from other well known faces and try hard to make your mark in the community!