Hey guys, how are you?
Finally ATEEZ released their new album. I will confess that I was going to post this article before, but when the comeback announcement came out I couldn't write this article until the album was released.
And well, as I spent a long time not talking about the comebacks / debuts that I liked in the month, we are going to have a lot of songs today.
Hope you like it.

E'LAST - Swear

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They debuted in June and already made me fall in love. Swear is an amazing song, the boys are very talented and ... are ATEEZ fans. They did some covers of some songs and it was wonderful. I can't wait for them to make a comeback.

WayV - Turn Back Time, Bad Alive (english version)

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This was my second comeback with WayV. They won me over once at MAMA last year. Moonwalk and Love Talk are my favorite songs. When I heard about the comeback I was looking forward to it. Today they released the MV for the English version of Bad Alive and I only have one thing to say: TEN, DO YOU WANT TO MAKE ME FAINT? I loved the English version and I love Turn Back Time so much. I love doing the part that Lucas moves his neck hahahaha.

Stray Kids - God's Menu, TOP, Easy

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My other babies made a comeback and I couldn't be more proud of them. I've known them since Hellevator and it was love at first sight. I've been a stay since that day and God's Menu reminded me of their beginning. I loved it too much. TOP and Easy are my other favorites on the album.

BTS - Stay Gold

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The boys made the Japanese comeback, but Stay Gold made me cry. It's a beautiful song, with a beautiful lyrics and the MV reminded me of Fake Love and after Spring Day. It was perfect. They announced that the next comeback is coming and I am very excited. BTS was the first group I liked, they have a lot of meaning for me.

Seventeen - Left & Right, Fearless

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Seventeen ... what can I say about these 13 wonderful humans? I've been following the boys since last year and they are very talented. Fear is one of my favorite songs, and when I heard Fearless I got goosebumps. The connection between the two songs made me freak out. I loved so much. Left & Right reminded me of Clap. The choreography helped to make the music stick like gum in my mind.

Blackpink - How You Like That

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I will be honest. I didn't like the song the first time I heard it. It seemed very similar to their other songs. But I decided to give it a try and ended up liking it. The same happened with Wannabe from ITZY and today is my favorite song hahahaha. I hope the album is amazing, I really like Blackpink.

Hwasa - Maria

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One of my kpop queens made a comeback and it was perfect. I was singing the chorus for days until I ended up forgetting. All the time it was "Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria". I loved the criticism too. If you don’t have shade, it’s not Hwasa.

Sunmi - pporappippam

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It took me a while to learn to speak the name of this song hahahaha I love Sunmi. She was the first soloist that I liked in kpop and I have a huge affection for her. It is the only one that I know all the choreographies and I like all the songs. She's my kpop Taylor Swift. Pporappippam made me feel nostalgic for some reason. It made me feel younger and remember when I had parties at school and I had fun with my friends. Or remember some old love. I loved this song so much.

Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi - Monster

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That I love Red Velvet everyone knows. It's my favorite girl group. Since the end of last year the girls haven't heard any comeback news due to Wendy's accident, so I waited. When Monster's ad came out, I was too excited. And I had reason. The music is incredible, the MV is perfect, the choreography is wonderful. I loved everything. And the part of Irene with the disfigured face made me shiver.

ONEUS - Come Back Home

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My boys made a comeback after they participated in Road to Kingdom. I watched the reality all over and loved every second. I was very proud of all the groups. And well, I ended up liking more groups hahahaha. I met ONEUS by accident. I saw them behind ATEEZ in their first win last year and I was curious. They were so happy for the boys and I loved that. And that's when I became a fan of them hahahaha. They are very talented and deserve all the success in the world. Come Back Home is perfect and I can't wait to see them perform.


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MY BABIES ARE BACK!!!! I did an article about them yesterday and I couldn't wait to talk about the new album. I didn't even sleep well waiting for the album to come out. I spent days and days waiting and making theories. I'm in a group of ATINYS and we went crazy trying to make sense of the theories. In the end, we went back to the beginning: without understanding anything hahahaha. ATEEZ making me freak out since 2018. I was very excited and loved all the songs. Well, I'll talk a little bit about what I thought of the MV. I freaked out. When the performance teaser was released, I almost had a heart attack. PARK SEONGHWA ABS. That's what made me almost die. And I already expected that in the MV, but I didn't expect it as many times as it appeared. Yesterday there was a show before the comeback and they performed THANXX and INCEPTION. I loved it so much and freaked out again. Yes guys, my life as a fan of them is summed up in constant heart attacks. No group other than BTS had done this to me. Kpop driving me crazy and it's not even new. The MV is perfect, the choreography too, the scenery, the boys, the concept. Everything is perfect. I am very proud of them. I can't wait for the THANXX MV to be released. I loved the whole album, and One Day At A Time made me cry. If I don't cry, it's not me. It is a beautiful song with a huge meaning. Yesterday the boys cried while talking to the fans and I couldn't help but cry. Seeing them cry makes me totally sensitive. I am so proud of them and I hope they continue to grow well. I am proud to be ATINY and to be able to see all of this happening.

I hope you enjoyed
Stay safe.

XOXO, Amanda.