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I’m sorry for you making you wait but I’m struggling with important things right now and writing this article with no envy would’ve destroyed everything. Go check the account of Sera whom I'm doing this monthly collab with. All information comes from wikifandom website. This month’s about Mahoutokoro houses.

Let’s start!

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✧ Yosamu ✧

japanese boy, 13 reasons why, and chiba yudai image hands, love, and couple image beauty, pretty, and quotes image monet image butterfly, aesthetic, and ocean image people and photography image
Adaptable & Idealistic, Patient & Protective | Know the value of the truth, even when it may lead to another’s demise.
Common Room: The common room of House Yosamu has a floor of soft grasses that never requires a trim, and a crisp, cool air that comforts its students like the first days of all. A babbling brook flows through the centre of the room, a magical barrier keeping it easy to walk over as any floor.
Colours: Midnight Blue
Symbol: Kite

✧ Shunrai ✧

stairs, interior, and house image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, painting, and water lilies image quotes image girl and asian image flowers, rose, and winter image
Confident & Good-humoured, Inquisitive & Unpredictable | Creative and thirsty for knowledge
Common Room: The common room of House Shunrai is located near the top of the school, its great dome alight with celestial imagery moving as though it were the true night sky. This common room is the most ornamental; with shimmering trinkets adorn each mantle and bedpost.
Colours: Dusty Lavender
Symbol: Cat

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