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I'm back again with my writing advice series to help all of my fellow writers out. In this particular one, I've decided to round up some of my previous advice and new advice to compile it into this article. I hope that this is helpful to you all!

The Writing Advice Series:

Be curious

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Curiosity is what makes a good writer great. It pushes you to find fresh new ideas and to develop your own unique style/voice. A curious person would be someone who is always asking themselves and others questions then pursuing finding answers or solutions. As for your writing style, that is a big indication as to who you are as a writer. In case you don't know what it is, the technical meaning is the type of word choice and sentence structure you commonly use in writing to convey your thoughts.

Typically, a person who reads and writes frequently naturally picks up a distinct writing style that makes their writing even more unique. Besides, it's a nice feeling to have someone automatically identify your work just by the way you write. Otherwise, your writing may come across as generic and plain.

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In order to build/improve your style, try this:

» Experiment (break the mold)

Experiment with your curiosity by asking yourself questions like ❝ What if? ❞, ❝ So what? ❞, ❝ I wonder what would happen? ❞ whilst you're figuring out what happens next in your writing. Then, answer those questions with your writing to create a more interesting and meaningful piece.

» Read

Become more familiar with writing flow and style by reading more frequently. You'll eventually pick up on new words, phrases, and grammar structure as you continue to do this.

Get more technical

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It may seem a little contradictory to mention being technical with your work alongside curious and experimental, but hear me out. A person is able to pull off experimental styles if they're more talented at writing than an amateur. And what makes someone more talented? Well, obviously experience, but also whether or not they use proper grammar.

People are more inclined to read and respect your work if you don't make frequent grammatical errors too.

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What you can do to improve your grammar and such:

» Have a peer edit/read it

Let some of your friends help you! Sometimes allowing a third party read your work can bring in an average reader's perspective, a different set of eyes which can pick up any mistakes you didn't catch, and they can also offer writing suggestions.

Also be sure to ask them if your pacing is good. Sometimes we don't notice when our own writing seems dragged out or choppy.

» Take grammar courses

If you're writing in another language that isn't your native one, take online courses to learn grammar. Sometimes languages have drastically different syntax and vocabularies so it's good to do this!

A few websites I recommend:

  • Conjuguemos
  • Youtube tutorials (look up for kids to get more basic rules first)
  • Duolingo

» Practice

Take sometime out of your day to write. Just write about literally anything. Spend that free writing time to go all out and don't think out what you write or whether it's good. Let it all pour out.

Once you're finished, don't read it just yet. Spend around 30 minutes to practice grammar again or read a book. Then come back to re-read what you just wrote and get out a red pen or a pen of a different color to edit what you wrote.

Learn from your mistakes and do the same the next day until you see less mistakes you make.

Don't overthink it

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If you overthink, you might regret or judge whatever you wrote way too much. Sometimes it's all in your head and if you don't let yourself write it, you'll never know.

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» Follow your gut

If your gut is telling you to write over what you're passionate about, do it! It doesn't matter if no one else appreciates it as long as you had fun. Do things for the sake of fun, not praise.

» Put yourself out there

I know that this part scares a lot of people, but putting your writing out there for the world to see will make you better at writing. It makes you more aware of the way your writing comes across and gives you the chance to receive necessary feedback.

In fact, if you're someone on here who is too afraid to write an article, I dare you to do it right now. Go ahead. Open another tab, write out an article, and take a big breath then post it before you process what just happened. You won't regret it : )


That's all for this segment of Writing Advice. As always, I hope that you all enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!!


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