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1. Enemies To Lovers Or Friends To Lovers?

bibliophile, library, and book image book image
friends to lovers

2. The Outcast Hero or The Secret Heir?

book, oscar wilde, and vintage image book, aesthetic, and reading image
the outcast hero

3. Ally to Enemy or Enemy to Ally?

book, girl, and reading image book, coffee, and study image
enemy to ally

4. The Reluctant Hero or All Powerful Chosen One?

book, sherlock holmes, and sherlock image quotes, smart, and inspiration image
the reluctant hero

5. The Lucky Novice or The Mentor?

book and aesthetic image books, shakespeare, and theatre image
the mentor

6. Love Triangle or Marriage of Convenience?

shakespeare and book image aesthetic, literature, and beige image
marriage of convenience

7. Morally Grey Hero or Sympathetic Bad Guy?

amour, amoureux, and fall in love image book, aesthetic, and brown image
morally grey hero

8. Tyrannical Government or Ancient Evil?

book, coffee, and autumn image book, flowers, and aesthetic image
tyranncal government

9. Mysterious Boarding School or Haunted House?

Image removed aesthetic, decorations, and summer image
haunted house

10. Dead Parents or Missing Sibling?

book, coffee, and tea image aesthetic, bibliophile, and books image
dead parents