Hola, sweetie pies

As you can read by the title today I bring aesthetics for all the songs of folklore the new Taylor Swift's album.

Here I have two more articles really similars to this.

Let's do this...

the 1
Inspiring Image on We Heart It water, aesthetic, and blue image bed, home, and bedroom image couple, love, and sea image
You know the greatest loves of all time are over now.
Image by CupCake car, vintage, and aesthetic image blue, cool, and discos image piano, music, and hands image
Stepping on the last train, marked me like a bloodstain.
the last great american dynasty
house, beach, and nature image beautiful, gowns, and dress image dress and bridal image Image by Kaley
She had a marvelous time ruining everything.
hand and vintage image nature and sky image forest, moss, and woods image vintage and photo image
I think I've seen this film before and I didn't like the ending.
my tears ricochet
Inspiring Image on We Heart It mountains, scotland, and water image flowers, water, and wallpaper image Image by tenderly
And if I'm dead to you why are you at the wake?
beauty, decorations, and light image badass, beautiful, and Gotham image couple, shadow, and love image cool, pale, and pastel image
I'll show you every version of yourself, tonight.
dress, flowers, and nature image Image by Private User house, photography, and vintage image love, couple, and boy image
And I think you should come live with me and we can be pirates.
green, couple, and vintage image love and tumblr image autumn, cozy, and fall image couple, grass, and nature image
Cancel plans just in case you'd call.
this is me trying
accessory, art, and beauty image old, building, and vintage image aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image beautiful, blonde, and indie image
It's hard to be anywhere these days when all I want is you
illicit affairs
girl image couple, love, and photography image road, car, and photography image christmas, hands, and holding image
You showed me colors you know I can't see with anyone else.
invisible string
guitar image love, couple, and skin image couple, love, and aesthetic image book, The Secret Garden, and vintage image
Gave me the blues and then purple pink skies.
mad woman
50s, doll, and fashion image 70s, call, and details image wine, drink, and aesthetic image Image by Private User
What a shame she went mad.
5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image old, photos, and vintage image Inspiring Image on We Heart It greek, apollo, and mythology image
Just one single glimpse of relief
art, freckles, and aesthetic image theme and archive image aesthetic, alternative, and indie image boy, boyfriend, and couple image
Will you kiss me on the porch in front of all your stupid friends?
aesthetic image dreamy, photography, and fantasy image piano, vintage, and grunge image alternative, body, and clean image
But I'm a fire and I'll keep your brittle heart warm.
couple, nature, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and beach image window, sun, and photography image girl, tears, and staystrong image
No other sadness in the world would do.

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