hi ! it's been a long time, but while listening to music i discovered these songs that are quite cool, so i hope you like them as much as I do ><

1. because the night - patti smith group

book, flowers, and aesthetic image nature, Greece, and architecture image
from the album "easter" of the year 1978

2. chirpy chirpy cheep cheep - middle of the road

90's, clothes, and outfit image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image
from the album "chirpy chirpy cheep cheep" of the year 1971

3. devil gate drive - suzi quatro

Image by Will Gold Image by Will Gold
from the album "quatro" of the year 1974

4. gypsys, tramps and thieves - cher

Temporarily removed aesthetic, city, and sunset image
from the album "gypsys, tramps and thieves" of the year 1971

5. killer queen - queen

Temporarily removed Image by Alita
from the album "sheer heart attack" of the year 1974

6. knowing me, knowing you - abba

car, vintage, and aesthetic image vintage, 90s, and aesthetic image
from the album "arrival" of the year 1976

7. listen to the music - the doobie brothers

aesthetic, pink, and vintage image Temporarily removed
from the album "toulouse street" of the year 1972

8. lookin' out my back door - creedence clearwater revival

60s, vintage, and 70s image 90s, retro, and vintage image
from the album "cosmo's factory" of the year 1970

9. top of the world - the carpenters

crybaby, purple, and pink image Image removed
from the album "a song for you" of the year 1972 (p.d: this song is part of the soundtrack of the movie "shrek forever after" in case they are familiar to you when you listen to it lol :D)

10. the night they drove old dixie down - joan baez

beach, book, and summer image Image by McClaire B
it's a single of the year 1971 :D

well, that's all ! i hope you like these songs as much as i do, see you another time ! ><