today i watched a documentary on netflix called "knock down the house", which you can also find on youtube for free.

it follows the campaigns of four female candidates for the 2018 house of representatives election. these women are amy vilela, cori bush, paula jean swearengin, and alexandria ocasio-cortez.

the story that most affected me, was alexandria's. she is a young, latino woman from the bronx, who did the unthinkable. the impossible. she took on joe crowley, the longtime democratic caucus, in the 2018 primary election for the first time since 2004. nobody else had had the balls to do that for 14 years; until her.

watching that documentary made me realize something very important. it made me realize that i am stronger than i think.

as a young woman when i have spoken up about injustices in the world, when i have spoken about equal rights, when i have spoken about politics, i have been ignored, put down "to my place", made feel small and swept under the rug. i have had to scream to be heard, demand to be listened to, and fight to get a seat at the table.

nobody wanted to listen, because they knew i was right. because losing to a girl is the worst thing there is. because even in today's society, femininity = bad.

the constant demonization of femininity leads to unheard women, toxic masculinity, and so many more problems in our communities. that is why we need to celebrate our femininity, no matter what gender we are. we need to realize that being feminine isn't bad, and never has been.

we need to realize that being called a feminist isn't a bad thing. we need to realize that giving other people the same rights as you isn't taking away yours. we need to realize that sexuality, gender, skin color, religion, where you come from and your age doesn't matter. we need to realize there is power in numbers.

we need to realize that, together, we are stronger than we think.

to end this piece, i will quote alexandria:

for every 10 rejections, you get 1 acceptance, and that is how you win everything.
— alexandria ocasio-cortez
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thank you.