Red, white and royal blue, Casey Mcquinston
aesthetic, black, and character image gay, pride, and flag image
new adult romance, the first son of the USA falls for the prince of England.
A curse so dark and lonely, Brigid Kemmerer
Image removed prince and aesthetic image
ya fantasy, beauty and the beast retelling, a cursed prince has to make a girl fall in love with him
Tell me three things, Julie Buxbaum
flowers, laptop, and apple image love and aesthetic image
ya romance, a young girl moves to LA after her father remarries and an anonymous boy starts sending her emails to help her out in the new school
Starry Eyes, Jenn Bennett
camping, fire, and nature image Temporarily removed
ya romance, during a camping trip two former best friends are abandoned by their friends and are forced to camp together
La locandiera, by Carlo Goldoni
tavern image jane austen, Pride & Prejudice, and pride and prejudice image
italian comedy script, a young inn owner makes every man she meets fall in love with her, one day a man who hates women shows up and she is determined to make him change his mind
Kiss me here, Valentina Ferraro
Temporarily removed study, school, and university image
new adult romance, a girl hooks up with a random boy at a party only to discover he is the twin brother of her date, fast forward to two years later they can't stand each other
L'รฉnigme de la chambre 622, Joรซl Dicker
Temporarily removed aesthetic and murder image
crime, a murder happens in a famous hotel in Switzerland, years later a writer tries to solve the mistery of that night with the help of a charming young woman