Ophelia stormed through the house searching for the bottle of Cherry she had bought from a local store. Cherry, she felt, made her seem like the refined old lady that she was most definitely not going to become.
Not in her room, not in the kitchen, not in the...ah, she found it, waiting for her at the front door where she had quite probably placed it the night before so as not to forget it.
No matter, now she was, as always, late to the early evening party some of the seniors organised.
Ezra got asked to come and didn't want to at first, so she had forced him to go with her despite not knowing who would actually show up. Since the party took place on a Monday and it had been only a loose idea to begin with, there was a good chance that no one was actually going to come, Ophelia pondered while walking down the streets.
The sun was close to the horizon and there was a golden glow laying like a blanket upon the cobble streets and cozy houses of Catachan.

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She fell into a light sprint seconds before turning the corner to their agreed meeting place, a meadow close to the forest, where a round of faces looked up at her expectantly: Juliette, Amélie, Adélaïde , Clarice, Corey, Theo and Ezra (who was looking at her with an intense expression she knew meant that he was screaming at her internally for letting him wait with a group of girls he barely knew).

Ophelia let out a puff and blow as if she had been running the whole way, flung the bottle of cherry in the middle of the circle and slumped to the ground next to Ezra.
“Sorry, I'm late, but at least I'm fashionable...So what have I missed?”
“We just decided to play truth or dare.”, Juliette said in her direction and they exchanged a meaningful gaze, “And I've got a good one. Amélie: truth or dare?”
“I don't trust you, Jules, so I'll take...truth?”
“Ah, you've made the wrong decision.”, Juliette said through a laugh, “I've got a good question: Which professor would you rather be locked up with during the night and why?”
Amélie blushed a little and gently beat Jules' arm, before collecting herself and answering: “Mr. Whitson, it's almost completely guaranteed that I won’t get bored since he appears to lack a filter and to have an immense encyclopedia of topics.“, she smiled, smug to have escaped Juliette's ambiguous question, “what about you?”
“You know, that's not how this works, but I already drank enough to do you the favor. Mr Samuel, we could discuss plays and songs the whole night and I could even try to gather some things from him.“, she said with a wiggling of her eyebrows, which led Adélaïde to continue jokingly, “Well, Mr Charles. Who else? There’s something weirdly sexy in his cane.”, and then she added in a more serious tone, “Probably Mr. Samuel. He’s the most fun.”, “Oh yeah, He's so interesting, I wouldn't mind talking to him all night.”, Clarice agreed at which Theo rolled her eyes, but still joined in by confessing, “Probably Mr Diedrich. Maybe I could finally get him to tell me his life story.” Her head snapped to the side when the girl sitting next to her added in a quiet voice: “I hate being locked in, so probably Mr Charles or Miss Crustflower since their calm attitude would make me feel safe.”
Corey, as was the name of the girl, Ophelia remembered, looked a little ghostly with her white hair in the darkening light and for a moment it seemed as though someone else was looking out of her eyes when a voice in her head said “A night threatening Mr Austen wouldn't be so bad.”, but the expression became faint when Ophelia went on,”Oh, Mrs Park could show me some experiments any time.”, and now it was her who got an elbow in her side by Ezra.
“You realize you need not say anything before you're asked.”, he whispered, though everybody heard.
“I know, you little dweeb. What about you: truth or dare?”
He sighed a little, regretting to have agreed to come, took another sip of his drink and said, in a pitiful voice: “Dare.”
A smirk spread across Ophelia's face: “Kiss the person you think is prettiest.”

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The group giggled a little while his gaze went over them, before he turned, bright red by that time, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Ophelia smiled up at him and declared: “I'd kiss myself too.”, before giving him a kiss on the cheek and leaning against his shoulder.
The other girls exchanged quick glances. They all knew that Ezra and Lia were friends and nothing more, but the fact that they hadn't kissed properly pretty much confirmed their suspicions.
“Well, stop staring, you guys, you can do it too. It's your chance now. We're all drunk and nights were mainly made to do the things that you can't do tomorrow a day*.“, Ophelia said.
Amélie looked at Theo, who was sitting across from her, got up to walk over to her and said, ”I am
so not sorry, Theo.”, with a smile before turning away towards Lia in the last moment and kissing
her cheek instead.
Ophelia reveled in the attention she got but as she caught Adélaïde's eyes she nodded to her.
Adélaïde shrugged her arms in response. Her eyes moved to Ezra, but then she said, “The prettiest person I know isn't here tonight.”
“You know, I'd kiss myself too but other than myself...?”, Theo asked, sighed and then leaned over to Ezra, kissing him on the lips, before whispering, “I know I'm not your type, but you are the prettiest.”
After she leaned back, no one moved.
“Oh, you guys are so boring.”, Theo said, but a faint smile in her features took the blow out of her words, “Let's add some spice: What would you do if you found out that your significant other is cheating on you?”
Amélie was the first to answer, in a firm voice, that kind of surprised most of the people present, she said: “Take it back at him before dumping him.”
“Leave.”, Juliette said in agreement.
Corey, in a voice that seemed to resonate like an echo, added, “Disappear.”
“Hah.”, Adélaïde exclaimed, “yeah, or go insane.”
“Been there done that.”, Ophelia said with a sliver of long hidden pain in it, “Probably develop trust issues and a fear of abandonment for the rest of my life.”, a humourless smile appeared on her face as she said this.

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Ezra took her hand and said quietly, “That would imply a certain significant someone would have become my significant other first.”
Well, now it was pretty clear, that these two were indeed not a couple, but to Ophelia's surprise nobody seemed to mind. Maybe she had underestimated her classmates. Out of curiosity she asked: “What do you think are the assumptions that those surrounding you make about you and how accurate are they?”
“Sweet girl that maybe wouldn’t hurt a fly and that has some serious issues with her brother? Sort of accurate maybe.”, Amélie started and looked at Juliette to continue, “Walking paradox, so quiet that some might not even notice her presence unless she speaks? Pretty accurate.”
Adélaïde went on to say, “They probably think I don't talk much and wonder if I follow the rules strictly. On the latter, the answer depends on who is asking.”
“Nice one.”, Ophelia said to herself before Corey added, “Let's be honest. You're all wondering how I haven't ended up in an asylum yet, also, yes, I have friends.”
Theo whistled through her teeth at that, “Damn, Corey, give it to 'em. You all probably see me as some mean, intimidating bitch who sees you all as lesser mortals, which is...half true. However, I think my low opinion of you, “bright individuals” as Miss Crustflower likes to say, may be changing tonight.”
And that's how the evening turned night went on.

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Around a crackling fire and between a bunch of candles they played this game. Of question and answer. Breaking out and hiding.
Theo asked whether they would rather be crucified as a heretic or burned at the stake, Adélaïde answered that being crucified meant that she actually questioned the teachings of the church instead of just being the victim of poverty and bad neighbours. Juliette proposed that they run through the woods stripping and screaming “I AM A GOLDEN GOD, APOLLO BOWS BEFORE ME.”
And Adélaïde (after another shot), Corey (after first saying she wouldn't do it and then suddenly asking Clarice to be a dear and hold her wine), Amélie (though through incessant complaining) and Theodora (fully meaning every word and without embarrassment) did it under the shrieking laughter of the rest of the group. They continued laughing when Theo told them the first thing she'd do as a boy was test out how deep her voice would become and they all tried it out.
They moved closer together in the cold and dewy grass. Talked about how Hearthstone was better for its diversified corps of staff and the relatively new classes, how they had incredible teachers who meant so much to them on the one hand and stupidly archaic rules and school uniforms on the other. They debated on whose love story they'd rather live: Achilles and Patroclus or Orpheus and Eurydice. Which weird hobbies they had (Corey collected animal teeth and beaks and had a garden full of poisonous plants back in Edinburgh). And whispered about their quirks and insecurities.
They drank some more and they danced, and talked and looked at the stars, breathing in unconditional empathy from each other and breathing out their secrets and when the sun came up again, they were no longer strangers. They knew each other even if they didn't know.
And in the morning sun, warming them up again. In the sounds of the crackling embers and the barely awake birds, they were young and shivering and ancient and alive. So alive.

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This article was written in an attempt to imitate this or that/ tag articles within the boundaries of our fictional world. It was something a little different but hopefully, it made you get to know and love our characters better :)

written by @obsidiandust for the Dark Academia Club

coming soon: Chapter 21 from Adélaïde's perspective and an article introducing new subjects and their teachers!

*this is obviously a rip off of the Arctic Monkeys lyrics, so please don't come at me, it just fit so well
also note that the young and ancient and shivering and alive thing is a quote from e. lockhart's we were liars