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Hey Earthlings! So I know a lot of us are super obsessed with famous families and all their drama so I thought it would be fun to do a little famous family imagine.

Bailey Siblings
Tati and Tiana Bailey. The most famous in the family.


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Full Name: Tatiana Mary Bailey
Age: 26
Occupation: Famous Actress

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Personality Some would call her a little uptight. But Tati is a headstrong and classy lady who likes to call the shots and have things done her way. She's also fiercely protective of her family.

Style on show

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Tati keeps it classy and clean

Tiana Bailey

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Full Name: Tiana Martha Bailey
Age: 21
Occupation: Actress and singer(Most famous in the family.)


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Tiana is a quiet person who prefers to listen rather than talk. She's kind and considerate.

Style on Show

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Simmons Siblings
Jo and Kimmy. Cousins of Tati and


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Full name: Josette Simmon
Age: 24
Occupation: Model and wig business owner


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Jo is often described as being too honest for her own good. She is also noted to be the most troublesome in the family. But she loves her family and would do anything for them.

Style on Show

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Classy, boujee, sassy. Jo is a fashionista who has a flare for the dramatics. You'll usually find her in different colored wigs.


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Full name: Kimberly Simmon
Age: 22
Occupation: Supermodel, activist


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Kimmy is the different one of the family in a lot of ways. She is as outspoken as the rest of her family. She is an activist. She is constantly speaking for Black Lives Matter and women's rights. She got into Harvard and everyone was really happy for her.

Style on Show

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She's way more relaxed in terms of fashion compared to her sister. You'll usually find her in jeans and t shirts.

Sky and Gaia

Occupation: Students and aspiring musicians
Age: 17

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These two young ladies are the youngest of the crew. They're cousins and they really look up to Tiana and her music career inspires them.


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Sky and Gaia are both extroverted, fun loving and creative girls and they do everything together. They're also a bit mischievious

Fun Projects they've done Together

Beyonce's All Night Long Video

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Jo, Kimmy, Tiana and Sky and Gaia were all so excited when Beyonce called them up to be in her 'All Night Long' music video

Hair Care Line

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The girls collaborated to start a hair care line for different types of black hair

Make up

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Jo, Tati and Kimmy collaborated to do a make up line