hi, i hope you are well!
i made an article last month about my favourite songs in june:

and since i enjoy reading other posts like this i thought i'd make another one. some of these are songs i've listened to before but particularly enjoyed recently, others are ones i've only discovered this month. i hope you can find something to add to your own playlist! ☆

> people = shit - slipknot

slipknot, masks, and old times image slipknot, metal, and music image

> cry - ashnikko ft. grimes

ashnikko image grimes image

> you never will be - graham coxon

music, blur, and britpop image 90s, graham coxon, and music image

> fools gold - the stone roses

stone roses image the stone roses, ian brown, and madchester image

> my man - billie holiday

billie holiday image billie holiday, lady sings the blues, and her pit bull was mister image

> don't tell me to smile - soko

french, photo, and music image artist, french, and music image

> i'll play the blues for you - albert king

1968, ", and gibson flying v image Temporarily removed

> universal heartbeat - juliana hatfield

gif, juliana hatfield, and universal heartbeat image gif, juliana hatfield, and universal heartbeat image

> love potion no. 9 - the clovers

love, potion, and pink image