I can't even believe I didn't make this playlist before! I have been listening to k-pop for nearly 10 years now and sometimes Youtube recommends me some songs I used to listen to. So... Today is the day, let me rewind time and enjoy some of my old-time favorite songs.

DISCLAIMER: this can be really cringing but we don't care because music is awesome.

  • FTISLAND - 지독하게 (Severely)
ft island, hongki, and kpop image ft island, kpop, and mv image
2012 - I cried so much to this song omg.
  • Trouble maker - Now
kpop, troublemaker, and hyuna image beast, kpop, and mv image
2013 - They were so good !
  • Block B - Nillili mambo
asian, freedom, and korean image pretty, sea, and jjang image
2012 - omg I miss this era so much. The introvert me used to listen to this in the bus to school
  • Teen top - Rocking
l.joe, cap, and ricky image rocking, teen top, and changjo image
2013 - The wound hasn't heal yet... Teen Top made me fall in kpop ! Take a look at L.Joe guys.
  • BEAST - '12시 30분 (12:30)'
beast, time, and doojoon image beast, b2st, and 12:30 image
2014 - This song is a masterpiece.
  • U-KISS - 0330
korean, trees, and u-kiss image ukiss and kpop image
2011 - I missed those days where every kpop group was so different..
  • INFINITE - Back
Image by inspiritminrin back, infinite, and photoshoot image
2014 - If you don't know them, you slept on really talent guys.
  • SISTAR - Touch my body
girl group, kpop, and sistar image Image by Niki Gregely
2014 - This was a real summer song omg!
  • Miss A - Hush
kpop, music, and miss a image miss a, hush, and fei image
2013 - Watch the mv.
  • Ailee - I will show you
gorgeous, heaven, and pretty image ailee, girl, and kpop image
2012 - You guys should listen to Ailee everyday. Her voice is stunning!
  • SPEED - Don't tease me
kpop and speed image awesome, exo, and gif image
2014 - You need to watch the dance practice. These guys are crazy. The end of the performance is stunning (literally)

That's all for today ! If you want a part 2, just heart this article !