Kurdish is a language used in Kurdistan. Kurdistan is a stolen country, which mean is not on the map anymore. The colonizers of Kurdistan is destroying Kurdish culture and are ethnic cleansing Kurds today. You may have heard the Kurdish freedom fighters that won the war against ISIS alone, they are the bravest people alive, and they are the reason why Kurdish culture and language is still strong today. Have you ever wondered how Kurdish sounds like? In this article I will show you the modern and traditional songs from Kurdistan.

The first song is Warni Warni by Omar Souleyman. This is one of the best song with good Kurdish beat, and it also got the funniest music video. Souleyman is actually Syrian, but after learning Kurdish he fall in love with the language and Kurdish beat. This song is most used in parties and weddings.

The second song is Hey Lo by Diana Kalashova. Diana is a young Kurdish singer, and her song is about young Kurdish people holding each other and dancing to Kurdish songs. Diana's style is very modern with old traditional beat, and that makes it very intresting.

The next song is Leila Qasim by Dina. This song is about a Kurdish woman that was hanged for her ideas of freedom, her names is Leila Qasim and was hanged by the baath regime in 1974. This songs is with English sub, it will help you understand more about this brave woman called Leila Qasim.

The next song is Bro by Navid Zardi ft. Bana. This song came out for 2 years ago and its still my favorite. 'Bro' Means 'Go' or 'Go away' and its about breakup.

Next song is Qumrikê by Nurullah Demirci ft. Beyto. In the music video you can see that they are sitting in a typical Kurdish living room, and singing an old Kurdish traditional song.

Next song is Kurdistan by Sana Barzanje. Its obviously about their country, and its with traditional beat and style. Its a Kurdish saying that goes ''You can take us from Kurdistan, but you can never take Kurdistan from us.''

Next song is Shervano by Hunergeha Welat. Shervano means fighter, and the song is dedicated to Kurdish freedom fighters who fought against ISIS and all other terrorist organizations.

The next song is Em Katet Bash by Komsay. The modern and traditional in this song is amazing, and also the music video is amazing to watch.

The next song is Bochi by Bana. ''Bochi'' means ''Why'' and its about someone she's trying to forget but keep coming back in her life.

Next song is Dera Sore by Jiyan Arbani. This is a old Kurdish song but this girl sings it in the most modern way, and it sounds amazing.

The next song is Ayla by Navid Zardi ft. Abba Karib. This is one of the most popular songs nowadays.

Next song is Shamame by HellyLuv. This is a old Kurdish song by a unknown artist, today there are a lot of Kurdish and non-Kurds singing this song, but I choose to introduce you to Hellyluv's version bc this is most heard in Kurdistan. Are you even in a Kurdish wedding if they dont dance to this song?

The next song is Amawet by Bana. ''Amawet'' means ''I wanna''.

The last song is Zindan by Azad Bedran. ''Zindan'' means ''Jail'' and this is dedicated to all Kurdish people in Turkish jail and their only crime is being Kurdish. Kurds are the black people of Turkey, as we all know turks are from Mongolia, and half of Turkey is actually Kurdistan land that they stole. They are ethnic cleansing Kurds and destryong the culture. The president brainwashed his people by calling Kurds for terrorist (President Erdogan is known as good friend of ISIS), and today he want to ban social media in Turkey so he can ethnic cleanse Kurds whitout it being knoown.

Thank you for reading my article, and I'm more happy to write more! DM me of which country I should do next <3 And I also if you want more Kurdish songs, you can watch Akurdita's highlights on instagram.