Unemployment comes to at least 1 in six people yearly around the world. It is easy to get agitated, lazy, and unproductive just because you are unemployed. But there is so much more than ''Oh I am unemployed.'' Wake up, the world has not stopped. Unemployment is just a passing phase it will not last long. That is if you do something about it. This is article is for every unemployed situation; whether you have graduated from college or university, whether you have been fired, whether you have suddenly stopped working for an understandable reason.

1. Do small mental talks often
Tell yourself often that you will work and that this unemployment is only temporary. Example tell yourself: I will get a job. I will earn some money again. I will get my dream job.
These small mental pep talks may have a profound significance on how you face each day.

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2. Take one day at a time
Every day is an opportunity, it could be for something fresh or something different and unique. The day is what you make out of it. So aim for positivity each day, aim for productivity and motivation.

3. Edit your resume
Keep on editing your resume whenever you can, look for the templates online. Preferably the latest and accepted templates for the submission of your resume. Set time aside for the construction of your CV.

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4. Have a daily schedule
Write up your daily tasks and stick to it. Don't write too many things and don't do too many things to avoid stress and anxiety. In other words, be realistic. You should know how many tasks you can bare a day depending on your responsibilities.

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5. Learn new skills
These skills you could add to your resume whenever you have accomplished them. Learn the skills perhaps by enrolling on an online course, or taking classes for maybe baking, yoga, painting, and even archery. But make sure that the skill is linked to your career and your job profession.

6. Job hunt
Set time for job hunting but do not make it too long because you may end up getting agitated and weary about the working world.

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Unemployment does not have to be an embarrassment, who knows, being unemployed can help you learn new things, know yourself more, learn professions and be determined! Who knows, you might just get somewhere!