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Did you know, vinegar soothes feet?! We use our feet for many little and big things. Feet are used for walking, which means getting across Point A to Point B. our feet can be used for exercise, like running, jogging, stretching, and many more. We wear shoes to cover our shoes, these shoes can cause blisters due to discomfort and standing for too long. This leads to foot infections mostly known as for fungus.

There are many types of feet infections such as
1. Athletes Foot- is a fungal infection that affects the toes. The toes turn red and swollen which affects your balance. When this happens, soak your toes for at least 10-15 minutes in vinegar. Preferably do this in a bathing tub. To see further improvements, do this every day for a span of a week to two weeks.

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2. Foot odor- Ever smelled smelly feet and wanted to vomit? The good thing is that vinegar can decrease the smell of your feet. By dipping your feet in vinegar it slowly kills the bacteria that makes your feet smell.

Beware: Before soaking your feet in vinegar, you should wash your feet with clean water and soap.

4. Warts and ringworm infections- Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid that can act as an exfoliator. You can apply vinegar with a cotton ball directly on the spots where ringworms and warts are.

5. Dry foot- Vinegar can work with cool water to help make the feet moist. Never use hot water for dried feet.

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Caution: Be careful, if you have allergies it is best not to use vinegar to treat your feet.