4-A writing Challenge: "Without using the words could, should, would."

"Victor knew the exact moment he stopped giving a fuck about this conversation. He was tempted to give himself a congratulatory shoulder-pat for how instantaneously his being carried out his order of not caring. Now, all he had to do was to hold back from shouting just how much he didn’t fucking care, or worse, try to explain to his accuser what his opinion on the matter was, which he knew he will do in a very cruel way that will leave everyone in a sour mood. He hated hurting people’s feelings, not out of the goodness of his heart but simply for the tranquillity of his mind.
He wondered when, if ever, will she read his face and realise her words are falling flat, for he wasn’t making much of an effort to hide whatever might be drawn oh his face. It was absolutely amazing to him how people can be so blind sometimes. It also amazed him how they expected you to magically cure their unhappiness, which was what Lou was well on her way in trying to express in one hundred different ways and to make sure he felt guilty about it.
He didn’t.
It was so easy for people to cast blame and decide who’s the villain. He was often cursed with the opposite: the inability to perceive himself as the victim, he always took some degree of guilt with him. That was how this situation would have ended, had Lou not dragged it forever, certainly getting some pleasure out of casting herself as the absolute victim.
When she was finally done, her eyes shooting daggers at him, daring him to have an answer to her perfectly preformed tirade, he simply turned and walked away, feeding right to her fantasy of having had the last word. "

;; Credit : @zephyr_003 for the challenge idea
;; Cover image: Mine.
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