another character for my once upon a time fanfiction!

meet the main character here:

Storybrooke Name: April Summers
Actual Name: Marnie Piper-Cromwell
Birthplace: Halloween Town
Birthday: April 27
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Sexuality: Bisexual

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Faceclaim: Billie Lourd


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Long straight dirty blonde hair, almost blonde / light brown eyes / pale skin with freckles


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A shy, quiet girl that usually spends her time studying (or trying to) by herself; despite being shy, she's very self-willed and headstrong.


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She's a witch so her powers typically depend but she has a stronger alignment with fire and thunder. She especially loves her spellbook.


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Casual Outfits
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Battle Outfit


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Aggie Cromwell, grandmother
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Best friends with Rowan Williams / Giselle de Arden
Image by arzu Image by arzu
Best friends with Nina Heartfield / Melody Triton
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In love with Daisy the Lost Girl

Favorite Moment in Story

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Finally being able to be herself and with the person she loves.

thank you all for reading!! she's the last main character that i have, but there will be more articles to come!! :)

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