Hi! I'm here with another dark academia tag, this time inspired by:

Anthropology or sociology?

I'm actually going to study sociology this year in school.

New England boarding school or Manhattan private school?

One of my biggest wishes is to visit England one day, also I don't think I would like to go to private school.

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Tailored pants or collared shirts?


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Red wine or whiskey cocktails?

Red wine always.

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Rowboat or bicycle?

A bicycle.

The Secret History or The Goldfinch?

The Secret History.

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City campus or college in the middle of nowhere?

College in the middle of nowhere. It's much more mysterious.

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Theoretical astrophysics or abstract mathematics?

I already studied about abstract mathematics, so I would like to learn about astrophysics more.

Mysterious new kid or uncanny disappearance?

Mysterious new kid.

Notes furiously scribbled by hand or hyper-organized binders?

I'm pretty messy in general so I don't think I could keep an organized binder.

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Leather watch or chain bracelet?

Leather watch.

The smell of old or new books?

Old books.

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Too-friendly roommate or too-quiet classmate?

I'm kinda introverted so I guess too-friendly roommate.

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