Hi, all! I’m @Alejandralahey and I’m so excited to be writing here for the first time!
Today, I bring you a super special article, where you will have to answer a test with random questions and depending on which letter you have chosen more times (a, b, c, d), you will got a new type of music to hear.

So let’s begin!

1-​ Which is the best night plan?

aesthetic, blue, and skateboard image breakfast, food, and Breakfast at Tiffany's image concert, fun, and music image desaturated, grunge, and lonely image
a-​Skating. b-​Movie at home. c-​Party with friends. d-​It’s better not to plan.

2- ​ What’s your favorite book saga?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed divergent, four, and tris image Image by {V}
a-​Harry Potter. b-​The Hunger Games. c-​Divergent. d-​Shadowhunters.

3- ​ Your favourite movie is a :

Image removed titanic, love, and leonardo dicaprio image Temporarily removed ambience, beso, and goals image
a-​Comedy b-​Drama. c-​Action Movie. d-​Romance.

4- ​*You can’t live without :*

Temporarily removed alt, desaturated, and gloomy image sky, moon, and airplane image Image by K Y L I E
a-​My Family. b-​My friends. c-​Travelling. d-​My phone.

5-​ My favorite subject is…

Image removed notes, school, and study image theme, aesthetic, and psd image inspiration, maths, and class image
a-​History. b-​English. c-​Arts. d-​Mathematics.

6- ​*My favorite color is...*

makeup and purple image makeup, aesthetic, and eye image makeup, beauty, and eyeliner image makeup, glitter, and eyes image
a-​Purple. b-​Red. c-​Black. d-​Yellow.


If you got a: Soul music.
You like being around people and learning, but at the same time you need moments of solitude and relaxation. How about you listening to soul?
If you got b: Folk and acoustic music
You prefer to be alone with your thoughts, but inside you would love to do a thousand things and live thousands of experiences. You are loyal and strong. Folk and acoustic music are a great combination for you.
If you got c: Freestyle and rap.
You are a free soul, you want to change the world and you cannot bear injustices. You are very creative and sensitive. You will discover new things with freestyle and rap.
If you got d: Country music.
You don't want to waste time, and you perceive everything in a very special way. You need to travel and know new things. You are someone special who needs changes and be surrounded by real people. Country music is waiting for you!

This has been all, I hope you liked it and do not forget to follow us if you are passionate about music!
See you all soon.

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