hello dears!

welcome to my 30 day wellness challenge day 2 lesson: doing nothing is okay.

in our modern world we believe that productivity equals success (which in a sense is true) and we push ourselves so hard that when we are resting watching a tvshow we feel unproductive or lazy, i'm here to tell you -in case you didn't know- YOU deserve to rest and not having a to-do list from time to time.

my brain is programmed (by me) to believe that i'm not worthy of bingewatching series if i'm not enrolled to a thousand courses to improve my knowledge or if i'm not learning a new skill, it's hard for me to give me a break, but i'm trying to do so. i'm still young and once i start the work life everything will be more hectic, so why not try to enjoy my last years as a student and make everyday a day to remember and have more stress-free days.

if you relate in any way please remember to do things that make you happy, you will always have a new homework to deliver but not always time to watch a movie with your family or give a call to one of your friends.

here are a few tips for doing nothing (?):

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wake up at a time you feel comfortable, either early or late, just make sure you have a good sleep
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enjoy your breakfast you don't have to eat fast, slow down and savor each flavor
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take a relaxing bath with scents to smell to feel relaxed and nourished
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do whatever you want: read, watch youtube videos, scroll through instagram, take a nap... possibilities are endless
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write down how you felt so you can look back and cherish days like this to remind you is okay to slow down
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sleep early (or not, is up to you), prepare for the next day and just have a good sleep<3

quick reminders: you deserve to treat yourself everyday and i love you so much, see you soon!

chérie, xo.