so schools starting soon, regardless of if it's in a classroom or online, schools starting and for most of us, that means notes, notes, notes. so i've compiled a few of my favorite tips and tricks when it comes to taking notes.

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now when i say supplies i'm not about to give you a huge shopping list, don't worry. all you need is a notebook, it could have lined pages, plain pages. but you need a notebook or just some paper. if you're just using loose paper think about getting a binder to put it all in, the organization is key when it comes to notes. now you should also have two or three different colored pens. it could be black, red, and blue. green, black, and blue, it doesn't matter but you should have a few different collared pens. one or two highlighters are also important. a ruler can help ( especially if it's math ) and a pencil.

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when you label your notes, it's important to start with the date, class, topic, and unit. starting from left to right i like to write the date, then in bigger sometimes fancier letters the subject with the class underneath it and then the unit. this can help to keep your notes organized.

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charts and tables
charts and tables are super important. if your teacher advises you to write down some sort of chart or table you should. if there's a conversion chart or multiplication table i recommend writing them down. I oftentimes like to put my charts and tables on the sides of the paper. this way i can draw arrows and labels to the chart or table if i need to.

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remember when i said you should have multiple colors when it comes to pens? well here's why. when taking notes your notes should be in one primary color. that could be a pencil or black pen, but your base notes should be in one color. your base notes are any type of information that doesn't fit into one of these three categories, vocabulary, equations and formulas, and dates. for each of the three categories listed, you should have a specific color. for example, you could write vocabulary in blue, equations and formulas in red, and dates in green. after you take your notes it's good to go back the day after, or even later that day, and reread your notes. underline things and highlight others. add things, and even write questions the notes can answer in free spaces.

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things to keep in mind
notes aren't an art project, you don't need to have doodles and drawings, script style writing, or any fancy equipment. you should practice taking notes, yes practice taking notes. find a style of note-taking that works for you. have fun with it, spice up your notes if you want. remember not taking is so that you can go back and look at them, so do them in a style that will make it easier for you to go back and study from them.

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