it was a very good start for my 30 day wellness challenge, i was relaxed pretty much all day, so i wanted to share five tips for a relaxing day:

  • change your bedsheets: sounds weird, but it freshen up your room and after a day full of activities there's nothing better than sleep in a clean space (this also helps for a good sleep!)
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  • listen to your favorite music: you can create a playlist on spotify (and download it, to avoid being online so much) of songs that inspire you and make you feel cozy and chill, right now folklore by taylor swift is my ultimate relaxing album.
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  • do your comfort activity: we all have that specific activity that is our core passion or gives us the push to feel calm, in my case reading is my favorite thing to do, so everytime i have time to do it i cherish it. (right now i'm reading the witcher saga and can't put down the books!)
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  • start a challenge: might not sound like a relaxing activity, but bear with me, if ypu start a challenge of any sort in can help you to look forward each day to do something and you will feel fullfilled at the end of it. i'm doing an inktober challenge (because i love to draw) in the middle of july, that fact can be either inspirational or weird.
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  • plan your month: again probably "plan" isn't the most relaxing word, but you will thank yourself later for doing it, write down all your goals, events and due dates, then highlight the important dates so you can have an idea of how much time you need to invest. this while give you a sense of control and your mind will be free of all the things you have to do once you write them down
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hope you have a relaxing day, see you soon!

chérie, xo.