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Basic Information

Name: Nakahara Megumi
Age: 20-21
Date of Birth: June 27
Height: 167cm//5'6"
Blood Type: B+

Villain Information

Villain Name: Indigo

Quirk: Telekinetic Force Manipulation - The ability to control the purest form of telekinesis; the generation and manipulation of telekinetic force itself. As a result, the possible applications aren’t nearly as numerous and diversified as the widely encompassing Telekinesis. However, what is lost in subtlety is gained in sheer power. The user cannot perform complex telekinetic operations and are limited to more basic applications, but these are performed with overwhelming power.

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Applications {General}

  • Telekinesis: The user can mentally manipulate and move matter.
  • Tactile Telekinesis: The user can utilize telekinetic abilities via physical contact on objects. This allows the user to simulate supernatural physical abilities and/or manipulate the object and its matter makeup. The user can also use it on themselves such as lifting one's body through the air or create a dense telekinetic force field to protect them from physical damage.

Applications {Detail}

  • Ballistic Telekinesis: The user can manipulate a destructive and violent form of Telekinesis, which causes any nearby objects to move at high speeds, explode, and/or be propelled away from the user at high speeds. With enough power, the user with this ability could level entire cities with their power, and at full strength they could possibly destroy an entire planet.
  • Shattering: The user can cause targets, whether living or not, to shatter regardless of their hardness or condition.
  • Telekinetic Attacks: The user can release and/or use telekinesis as attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.
  • Telekinetic Blast: The user can release telekinetic energy over a specific target and/or area, causing great damage, repelling targets and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
  • Telekinetic Binding: The user is able to use supernatural powers and traits that bind, imprison, paralyze, and/or otherwise stop targets moving normally and possibly completely freezing them where they were. It can be achieved using various means including energy-based, physical restraints, and/or mental effects.
  • Telekinetic Choking: The user is able to use telekinesis to choke or strangle their target.
  • Telekinetic Combat: The user can utilize psionic energy in combination of physical combat, pushing and pulling, moving and lifting objects and/or people for attack and/or defense, etc.
  • Telekinetic Crushing: The user can crush and/or deform objects around them simply by making physical contact with the objects.
  • Telekinetic Cutting: The user can cut anything using Telekinesis.
  • Telekinetic Destruction: The user can utterly destroy things. Depending on the user, this could be anything and everything from small objects to entire galaxies or universes and possibly even abstract concepts and/or natural forces and/or laws.
  • Telekinetic Explosion: The user can cause an explosion in a variety of ways and on any scale, with varying effects ranging from stunning to total annihilation.
  • Telekinetic Pressure: The user can use telekinetic force to crush, repel, destroy, etc., objects or entire areas. Given that the force is an extension of the user's telekinetic power, the strength of the ability can be seemingly endless, allowing the user to push back or outright destroy almost any opposing force.
  • Object Manipulation: The user can create, shape, and/or manipulate any sort of inanimate objects, products, finished goods, etc., physical objects that have been manufactured from either natural and/or artificial materials, including anything from nano-technology, to tools, weapons, vehicles and up to architecture.
  • Remote Telekinesis: The user can control or otherwise interact with distant objects that are not within their sight and/or location. They can manipulate people and objects from afar.
  • Telekinetic Defense: The user possesses defensive skills that are enhanced by telekinesis, allowing them to block, parry, dodge, etc., with the power of the telekinesis.
  • Telekinetic Flight: The user can use telekinesis to fly, glide and/or levitate. The full speed depends on the user's power and/or skill.
  • Telekinetic Levitation: The user can cause oneself, subjects, objects, etc., to hover in the air unassisted, allowing the user to seamlessly float in the air and prevent their bodies from making contact with the ground below.
  • Telekinetic Maneuver: The user can alter an object's directional course, push an object away, attract and/or repel objects around them, deflect and/or reflect attacks, change the trajectory of projectiles, move objects of small and/or massive size, etc., and can even manipulate the surrounding vectors of matter and energy.
  • Homing Effect: The user can make any object automatically follow, home in, and/or lock onto its target or targets until it hits them. They can also use it for delivering and/or sending things or messages to another person.
  • Telekinetic Push/Pull: The user can use various means such as mental strength, gravitational force, magnetic force, etc., to either pull objects towards them or push them away.


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Basic Style:


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Villain Style:

Same as Basic


Megumi may be a part of ‘The League of Villains’, but she means well. Despite what people may think of her she is no villain. Her heart is in the right place as she is kind, caring, gentle, and quite wholesome.

Due to her being who she is, the other members don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to; whether it’s kidnapping someone or taking a life. Crimes aren’t things she commits. She’s really only there for the man she loves and following her heart is more important than following her gut. At least that’s what she tells herself.



Father - Nakahara Ryuuki was a former member of the 'Shie Hassaikai.' He was the right hand man to ‘The Boss’ until his death; which is something Megumi feels guilt over since she accidentally killed him during an argument when she was thirteen. He was quirkless.

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Mother - Fujiwara Chinatsu was a former member of the 'Shie Hassaikai.' Well more of an honorary member due to being the wife of one. Unfortunately she died in childbirth and Megumi never got to meet her. She, much like her husband, was quirkless.

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Best/Close Friend(s):

Chisaki Kai and Nakahara Megumi met when he was brought in by ‘The Boss’ at a young age. At first he wasn’t interested in being friends, but soon got used to the idea. They spent as much time together as they were allowed, which was good enough for the both of them at the time. As they grew older he developed feelings, though not so much ones of love as ones of obsession.

After she killed her father in a rage she broke down not knowing how to handle what she had done. Kai was there to comfort her and give her a shoulder to cry on. That was when he made a declaration to protect her no matter what, even if it cost him his life.

Three years after the event, when they were both sixteen, Kai had finally gotten up the courage to confess his feelings. Megumi was flattered but only saw him as a friend. This of course threw him into a panic of sorts and he snapped; screaming and yelling at her for simply turning him down. Before her very eyes he became a monster.

For two years Kai’s obsessive and possessive nature took hold of him. He abused her in every way possible; practically keeping her prisoner. Then one day she’d finally had enough and when he wasn’t around she made a break for it. To her surprise she made it out of there, never looking back.

Unfortunately, when he showed up at the leagues hideout, they had come face to face once again. He saw his opportunity and took Megumi as leverage to get them to do what he wanted. Once back at the 'Shie Hassaikai's' base of operation, he went back to treating her the way he had before as punishment for leaving him in the first place; claiming he did it out of love, but she knew it was all bullshit. She hated him for everything he had put her through. So much so that she even helped the heroes in stopping him before fleeing back to the league hideout with Jin and Himiko; knowing this was most definitely the last time she would ever see him.

While she has those she calls friends, she isn't as close to them as she was Kai at one point, fearing another betrayal in that department.

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While she may not be as close to them, she does have a sort of bond with those listed.

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Shigaraki Tomura
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Iguchi Shuichi/Spinner
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Sako Atsuhiro/Mr. Compress
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Himiko Toga


Those whom have fallen and/or she no longer associates with.

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Bubaigawara Jin/Twice
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Hikiishi Kenji/Magne

Love Interest(s):

Todoroki Touya, or Dabi, as he is known, and Nakahara Megumi met sometime after she’d escaped her two year long torment; accidentally running into him and him being concerned when he saw the bruises. Abuse was something he knew all too well so he saw the telltale signs. To his surprise he had sympathy for the broken girl in front of him. So he decided to take her back to the place he was staying and take care of her.

Over time she was able to open up about her past and what had happened to her. This led to him opening up about his own past, as well as his true identity. As the days dragged on, Touya and Megumi grew closer to each other; eventually leading up to him admitting he cared for her and she him. She was a bit cautious, however, and he completely understood.

For the most part it was, and still is, a pretty normal relationship, even after joining the league. Touya was the only reason Megumi even agreed to join in the first place. Nothing could separate them and it seems that nothing ever will. Even her secret friendship with Keigo and the countless arguments that took place after becoming the 'Paranormal Liberation Front' wasn't enough to break them apart.

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Takami Keigo, or Hawks, as he is known, and Nakahara Megumi met during his time trying to infiltrate their organization. He took an automatic liking to her, much to Touya's dismay. She would regularly go with her hot headed boyfriend to meet up with the number two hero to discuss his loyalty to them.

However, Megumi caught on rather quickly that something was a miss, and called him out on it when she made the decision to meet up with him on her own. As she kept Touya's identity a secret, she knew in order to spare Keigo, she would have to keep his intentions a secret as well. Hiding things from everyone did prove to be a bit much, especially since the two were meeting in secret.

It all eventually came to head after he killed Jin and upset Touya. If it weren't for her, Keigo would be dead. It was only her convincing Touya to spare him that he came out with just severe burns and his life intact.

At some point between then and Touya revealing himself, Megumi went to see Keigo. It was during said meeting that he confessed the feelings he had for her. She denied him for her heart belonged to Touya, but that didn't mean she didn't care for him. Breaking the hero's heart was not her intent, but she knew they could not continue their friendship, despite how short lived it was.

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Power: 6/6
Speed: 3/6
Technique: 4/6
Intelligence: 5/6
Skillfulness: 4/6

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