Hey there, this is part 5 of my Glow Up Journey. I hope you like it!

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4th of June

Today was a great day! Where I live we are allowed to go out (we have a timetable to go out depending on our age). So, (finally ) after a lot of time I hang out with some friends. I dressed up nicely (during quarantine I only wore sweatpants) and I applied some make up. I really needed that.

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Even at home we should get ready and try to look as good as we can. Otherwise, we might look in the mirror and don´t feel motivated, happy and well with ourselves.

Social distancing has been really hard for most of us, so try to be in touch with your beloved ones. Today´s technology allows us to talk and “see” people who live far away, so use it.

At first, I didn´t want to talk to anyone, I had no idea what to talk about (I´m kind of social awkward). However, I´ve realized that everyone is as bored as me, everyone is as eager as me to chat. So, (if you also feel anxious) leave those fears behind and talk to anyone you want. I mean, what´s the worst that could happen? Maybe someone won´t reply (it happened to me). But, I promise you that others are looking forward to talk to you.

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Drinking water is really important. If you are reading this, just stop and drink a glass of water (I´m doing the same 😉)

“About 60% of your body weight is made of water. You need it for every single body function.” We must drink, so our body can make his work and you won´t be dehydrated. The amount of water depends on different factors (seize, exercise, wheater…). However, it is said that we should drink 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.

Water has so many benefits:

It reduces sugar cravings and aid weight maintenance
It helps to manage anxiety (dehydration can have a negative impact on energy levels and moods, which may heighten the symptoms of anxiety.)
It reduces the risk of bladder infections
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I know some people hate water and only drink soft drinks, so did I. However, now I love water, I drink about 1.5 liters per day and I have (almost) given up on other drinks. I still drink those in special occasions.

I suggest you stopping or reducing the intake of those drinks, as they are really unhealthy. Try to introduce water in your life and go step by step.

If water is tasteless for you, adding fresh fruit might be an option. “Adding fresh fruits and herbs adds minerals and vitamins to water and increases the nutritional benefits.”

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It also makes it taste refreshing and slightly sweet. There are so many combinations!

6th of June

Super cheat day. Today I´m Feeling horrible because I binged eat. The worst part was that I was eating because “I was allowed to”.

At first it felt good, I could eat those biscuits I had been craving for days. But, after it I just started eating without control. I knew the following days I couldn´t eat junk food so I had to do it today. That´s the worst part about binge eating.

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At the end your favorite chocolate doesn´t taste good anymore, it´s not pleasure what you feel. You just feel ashamed and keep doing it in order to feel even worse.

10th of June

Today I´m feeling motivated and happy. I have weighted myself and I have lost 4 pounds. Maybe it´s not a lot but considering my binge eating days, the fact that I don´t eat vegetables and I keep eating “normal”, I´m happy with this.

Well, this is all. I know it was really long, but fortunatelly it wasn´t that boring. I hope you are having a good time, despite of the situation. Be safe and take care of yourselves and the ones you love

Have a nice day. Kisses

Uniquellaprincess 😊