1. your life can change a lot and become better in just a few months
2. read a book a month
3. write down five things that make you happy every day
4. create playlists for any mood
5. practice learning a new language every day
6. learn something new, something that will interest you, what about coding, music, or graphic design?
7. compliment people as often as possible!!
8. don't be afraid to face new information, it can also be distance learning
9. try to notice the sky, air, flowers, pay attention to everything that surrounds you
10. now focus on one thing. this is called "set priorities"
11. hang motivational quotes
12. be a bit of a journalist, or just write down funny aphorisms of your friends
13. people violate your boundaries as much as you allow them to be violated
14. always keep a bottle of water with you. when you really want to check something on your phone, hold your hands and drink water
15. don't be afraid of bad days and don't blame yourself for them, they happen
16. when things don't go according to plan, open the curtains, take a shower, warm up, take a walk, let your thoughts go with the flow, rest and be reborn
17. clearly know what you can and can't control
18. write a list of reasons why it's worth it to stay motivated. when you feel overwhelmed, reread them and add another one
19. more cozy study dates in cafes!
20. and, after all: drink plenty of water!!