These "if i were" articles are actually fun to write. Its like getting to know the part of you that you never knew. I also find it to be helpful on building more personal creativity.

This article inspired mine today ;)

Title: From Whence He Came

Movie Poster:

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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Summary: Deej Walker is the average American teenage girl who completely despises high school but is remarkably skilled at it in every class. Towards the middle of the school year a new student, a boy who's name is Arroyo "Roy" Aqua arrives and becomes fond of her. But he holds a big secret.


Deej Walker

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main role

Arroyo Aqua

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main role

The Friends: Angelica, Tyler, Isis, Nick, & Sanchez

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supporting role


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Time Period: 2018
Place: Santa Monica, CA


Deej Walker

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Arroyo Aqua

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Highlights of Movie

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After leaving a house party on a school night, Deej, Angelica, Tyler, and Sanchez were making a pit stop at the local gas station for snacks and gas. While Deej strolled up and down the aisle looking for the right Debbie cake for the night when she bumps into Roy. They exchange an intimate look that made Deej's sparks fly. Flirts are thrown between the two until Angelica notifies the gang that her parents are freaking out about her staying out late. Before they leave Deej asks for Arroyo's number but he makes up a suave response about not having a phone. "I hope this isn't the last I'll be seeing you," Arroyo says gazing into her chestnut brown eyes. Without response, Deej smiles and nods leaving.
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Months have passed and the two have gotten closer than when they first met. Arroyo felt his feelings becoming stronger, so he decided to tell her the truth about who he really is. Deej always felt that he was hiding something from her with all the weird explanations for random inconveniences he would ensue. Arroyo confessed that he is a merman, and that every 100 hundred years he is granted a chance to experience human life. Being that he told her this in late December, Deej didn't know how to cope with this news. She was beginning to fall in love with him. She became so furious and a overwhelmed that she swore she'd never speak to him again for as long as the time he had left on above water.

Ending Scene

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The friends, Arroyo, Isis, and Nick were admiring the sunset as their time on land faded away. Just before they were heading towards the azure open ocean, Deej and her friends were rushing their way to them to say their goodbyes. Deej apologized to Arroyo for how she reacted. The two shared a passionate kiss. Arroyo, Isis, and Nick, walked serenely into ocean paying no mind to the big waves that headed for them


Lil Peep - Star Shopping
Ari Lennox - Whipped Cream
Joji - Can't Get Over You
H.E.R. - Slide ft YG
Doja Cat - Crush
Sabrina Claudio - All To You
SZA - Garden
Khalid - The Ways
Monte Booker - Kolors ft. Smino
Doja Cat - Say So
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Summer Walker - My Affection
UMI - Remember Me