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1. What is your favorite song?

Trade Mistakes by Panic! At The Disco

blue, Lyrics, and patd image bow tie, brendon urie, and P!ATD image
2. Last song you listened to?

The Last Great American Dynasty by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, lover, and taylor image mermaid, piano, and quotes image
3. Best candy in your opinion?


chocolate, Twix, and ํ•œ๊ตญ image chocolate and Twix image
4. How many siblings do you have?

3 brothers, one older two younger

beauty, boy, and fuck image boy, vintage, and hands image
5. Something you wish to eliminate about yourself?

Overthinking and my mental disorders, it's DRAINING

aesthetics, lovely, and sleep image girl, raindrops, and sad image
6. Favorite sport?


aesthetic, green, and tennis image aesthetic, elite, and tennis image
7. What are you craving right now?


candy, chocolate, and food image blue, candy, and treats image
8. One word your friends would describe you as?


fashion, girls, and summer image girls, friends, and friendship image
9. What color are your walls?


Image by Private User flowers, pink, and wall image
10. What is one bad habit you posses?

Staying up super late, I fix my sleeping schedule and boom...mess it up..

humor, insomnia, and lol image love, couple, and sleep image
11. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Night owl 100%

girl, city, and night image owl, night, and dark image
12. What color would you die your hair if you had to?

Split red and pink

black, color, and hair image aesthetic, black, and gg image
13. Favorite scent?

Vanilla, rose, and pink sands from Yankee Candles

Image by selฤฑnฮฑ camera, candle, and quality image
14. Do you get jealous?

Yes sadly, normally when I feel as if I'm being replaced or they found someone better

15. Favorite Disney princess?

Tiana and Mulan

disney, fondos de pantalla, and la princesa y el sapo image cartoons, disney, and disney lockscreens image
16. What are your five most used emojis


17. What annoys you?

Ignorance, makes me wanna scream and get physical. I have no patience for homophobia or racism and a lot more. It shocks me when i say "i believe in equality" it's controversial

equality, protest, and movement image aesthetic image
18. Favorite exercise?

Walking, I love walking around and taking walks outside

exercise, healthy, and work out image
19. Secret hobbies?

I run a pink themed tumblr blog, not a lot of people know I have two accounts. You can check them out here:
https://romeoxjuliet.tumblr.com/ (darker theme blog)
https://honeysuckleangel.tumblr.com/ (pink blog)

food, aesthetic, and cake image Image by Private User
20. Go to lipstick color?

Dark redish brown/maroon

beauty, lipstick, and Lipsticks image makeup, lipstick, and tarte image
21. Accessory you can't leave the house without?

My sunglasses!

bag, accessories, and purse image accessories, curly, and jewelry image
22. If you had to change your name what would it be?

Anastasia or Juliet !

23. Favorite album atm?

Folklore by Taylor Swift, I didn't know I needed this album until it dropped!

Taylor Swift and folklore image 2020, folklore, and Lyrics image
24. Underrated music genre?

Indie Rock, a lot of amazing artist with unique storytelling songs!! I adore The Front Bottoms

band, live, and the front bottoms image
25. Can you say anything in a foreign accent?

Es un chiste. I might be saying it wrong, but I learnt it 2 years ago and always say it

costa rica, languages, and spain image learn spanish language, short course, and short course in lahore image
26. When do you feel the most beautiful?

Whenever my hair is freshly wash

malina weissman image malina weissman and rp image
27. Celebrity crush?

Rudy Pankow

rudy pankow, aesthetic, and jj image rudy pankow image
28. If you could listen to a song live from past or present, what would it be?

We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger

bob seger. image bob seger image
29. What would you like to have right now?
Inspiring Image on We Heart It witch, magic, and tarot image

More crystals and candles because why not, l can't have too many when doing card readings!

30. What job would you like to have right now?

Creative director

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