I'm convinced some people are meant to live sad lives.

I read as much motivational quotes as the next person,

"Live your life to the fullest" they say or, "You answer to no one but yourself"

And the thought of complete independence is something that literally fills me with warmth.

But then I remember I have commitments, not necessarily by choice, sometimes you're born into situations you simply cannot escape.

I see the kids in my town talking about leaving and chasing their dreams, and I bleed envy.

I wish I could just pack up and leave. Like in the movies. Gone Girl Pt. 2. Minus the fcked up manipulation ofc.

But I must simply adapt. Put my dreams and aspirations in a box and tuck it away for later. Hopefully not forever.

I just hope I'm not an old woman filled with regret. That I find a way to be content with what I have.