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I hope you are all doing well through these times.

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Do you want to be featured on the Gazette account?
This is your chance!!

For the month of August, I have a project that I am doing and I am opening up the project to anyone who is willing to participate.

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My project Seasons is a project where you, the writer, have a chance to write about the season of the time. For August, we will be using SUMMER as the common theme to be used. You will get the chance to pick from the list of article ideas based on the theme, if you have an idea that isn’t on the list, you can email the email account that I will link below and we can work something out, if someone else has already placed their name on the list, that is okay!! More than one person can do the same article as each person is individually different! Once you write and send the article in, you will be featured on the Gazette page!
All writing must be your own original content.

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All articles will be sent to weheartitgazette@gmail.com.

For the list of articles, click here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l0HV4qGKDOGVO6iRdIDNhXE-Px6ym_P0Gy_SjepsVro/edit?usp=sharing

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This article was written by @nataliporzia on the We Heart It GazetteTeam.