little disclaimer: all of this tips are based on my own experience in youtube and of course your path may not be the same as mine also, english is not my first lenguage so please bear with me :)

if you are thinking about jumping on the youtube train DO IT don't let the fear of what people think hold you back from trying, if it works it's a beautiful experience and if it doesn't it's still a way of personal growth

this is honestly something i wish someone would told me before starting this journey, okay so let's supose your viewers like you and they want to see more specific videos and you are not prepared for it, that's exactly what happend to me and it made me lose quite a few subscribers, if you want to film vlogs make sure you have the right camera and that the sound is ok, maybe you want to be a beauty guru on youtube, make sure you have enough make up to try diferent things maybe do some reviews or whatever you like.
Also, prepare yourself for negative comments and constructive criticism, there's people out there that like to be annoying for no reason at all and there's people that honestly want to see you grow, try to be nice to everyone.

it's a nice feeling when you post a video and has views and likes but please don't feel like you need to post video after video, let your mind rest and take your time to create something that makes YOU happy on the first place, it's completly fine to take some days to edit everything on the right place, i promise your subscribers will understand and if they leave don't worry too much about it because it's a sign that you are not what they were looking for on the first place.

it's against youtube policy and it can lead to the close of your account, also most of the time it doesn't work to be honest, another reason is that it can be a problem for the monetization and also a channel with 600 subs and 7 views it's a little sad

finally people have a sensor for real honest youtubers and fake ones, im not saying that if you fake it you would not make it, but at one point you won't be able to hold it and your subscribers will see a change on the person that you are, just be happy and try to make content that you would like to see

to wrap this up once again i write this from my own personal experience meaning that my growth may not be the same as someone that was viral on social media and now has a channel, this are some of the little tips that i know can be useful when thinking about starting a channel or even if you already have one, i hope you are brave enough to start this journey feel free to send me your channel if you decide to open one

If you manage to read it all, thank you have an amazing day/night ♡