another character for my once upon a time fanfiction!

meet the main character here:

Storybrooke Name: Nina Hartfield
Actual Name: Melody Triton
Birthplace: Atlantica
Birthday: December 10
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Sexuality: Straight

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Faceclaim: Camila Cabello


Image by arzu close up, dangerous, and eyes image Harry Styles, eyes, and green image girl, aesthetic, and body image grunge, ocean, and mermaid image branco, garota, and mar image
Long, curly black hair / dark brown eyes, sea green when in mermaid form / medium skin tone / a light pink mermaid tail, and a collection of a seashell bra.


quotes, stress, and motivation image aesthetic, ariel, and art image confidence, inspiration, and determined image nails, aesthetic, and loss image Casablanca, quotes, and black and white image heart, lips, and grunge image
A sassy, curiosity filled romantic; she loves love but she also enjoys breaking the hearts of boys.


pretty, the wicked powers, and shadow hunters image elements, fantasy, and girl image aesthetic, fantasy, and magic image ocean, waves, and blue image avatar, poseidon, and power image mermaid, piano, and Taylor Swift image
She has the ability to manipulate water as much as she wants, she's also able to communicate with the sea animals.


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Casual outfits
boho, etsy, and hairpins image fashion and style image water, hands, and power image shoes, fashion, and sneakers image
Battle outfit


ariel, the little mermaid, and once upon a time image once upon a time, ariel, and ouat image
King Eric and Queen Ariel, her parents
honest, water signs, and scorpio woman image art, disney, and drawing image
Auntie Andrina
katherine mcnamara image actress, goddess, and beautiful image
Best friends with Rowan Williams / Giselle de Arden
billie lourd image gif, pairing, and michael langdon image
Best friends with April Summers / Marnie Piper-Cromwell
felix, ️ouat, and parker croft image felix, ouat, and peter pan image
Has a crush on Felix aka Scar Face

Favorite Moment in Story

summer, aesthetic, and water image sirenas image girl, water, and sea image Image by Private User
Getting back her ability to be a mermaid

I hope you guys love Nina/Melody as much as I do!!

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