Hey, lovelies! This is part 3 of my tv show tag! Let's start!

Show: The Good Place

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Favorite Female Character Tahani or Janet, I can't decide

Favorite Male Character

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How did you find out about the show?

Well, some of my friends were watching the show, and I planned on doing it, but I just forgot with all of the stress of quarantine. Well, I read a Buzzfeed article on how good of a show it was, and I decided to watch it


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Not a crush, but Trevor is cute

Favorite scene

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I really like the scene where Jason confesses to Eleanor that he isn't supposed to be there

Iconic Scene

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When Eleanor says "Ya Basic" before her memory is wiped

Best Style

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Obviously Tahani

Underrated Character

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The judge!

Overrated Character

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Let's be real- Chidi is boring. He is a good character and all but is a tad overrated for how boring he is


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"Ya Basic" -Eleanor

Thanks for reading! Go read art 1 and 2! Bye for now!