Ideal to pass time in quarantine Here are some of my favourite Disney films that are not really popular, but they are really good films I think deserve all the love!

(Remember I'm just a fan, I'm no movie critic) :)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

el jorobado de notre dame and clopin image
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996

With espectacular soundtrack, badass female character (we stan Esmeralda) and an amazing story about men and monsters, this movie is one of my personal favourites!

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This tipe of deep movies are not longer made nowadays but the message of this movie is a reality that we still live in the present.

It has such a dark story, but I think it is a must for all ages. Really beautiful and meaningful.

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The fox and the hound

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The fox and the hound, 1981

This one is really beautiful, I never get tired of watching it. Is a story about friendship, simple as that, and how it can change our lives.

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Spoiler warning: you are gonna cry.

It also has a sequel that is really good. 100% recommend.

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Treasure Planet

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Treasure Planet, 2002

I fell in love with it's colours and images, you really enjoy the differents scenes and the way the movie is drawn, it's captivating.

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Plus, Jim Hawking is a lifetime crush

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