Hi guys, welcome or welcome back to my articles. As a person who learned a second language and it's trying to learn a third one by herself, I thought 'what if, someday, I forget my second language?' because as the time goes by we forget stuff if we don't keep touch with it constantly so I have a few tips that probably will help me and you to not forget your second language.

1. Music
This one is pretty obvious but instead of only listening to learn, try find some songs or an singer that you really like and add to your playlist(s). In my opinion, songs are kinda harder to understand in your second language because sometimes is not really clear what the singer is saying or they sing too fast but there'll be parts that you will eventually understand.

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2. Youtubers
Find some creators on youtube who speaks your second language with a content you enjoy, subscribe and watch their videos. This tip is a little better because you can hear people speaking normally.

3. Phone
Change the language setting of your phone into your second language as you probably have your phone all the time it's pretty good that the first things written in your front page is in your second language.

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4. Social Media
With social media is no different. You can follow pages and profiles that post regularly in your second language, it can be anything you enjoy reading about.

5. Write
Write anthing you want, one good place to do it that I recommend is here on We Heart It just like I'm doing now.

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6. Learn
If you, in the future, decide to learn a third language whatever it is, use your second language to learn it. For example, my second language is English and I'm using it to learn a third language which is Korean.

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That's it for today, thank you for reading.

Stay safe and see you.