You are not some side character of somebody else's story. Only in the background, supporting the lead role. You don't have to live your life like that. You are more important than you think.

Maybe you're afraid nobody will care about your story, that no one will give you the validation that you crave. But you don't need validation from anyone. Only yourself. I know that it seems impossible to believe but it is true.

You can live your life just as you are. Stop waiting for someone to tell you that your dreams and goals are valid and important. You get to make that decision, you don't need anyone else to tell you. Start living.

You are real. You are important. You're not less than anyone else, you are equal. It seems like others have lead roles in the huge movie of life, that they get all the important and impressive parts. While you have small and insignificant parts that go unnoticed.

In reality you are the one keeping yourself in a box. Keeping yourself in those limiting beliefs. You've held onto your perceived role for so long that you follow through with it, not even allowing yourself to imagine a different life. It's up to you. To believe. To change.

You are important. So act like it. You are the main character in your story and a lead character in life. Act like it. Throw out the lies you've clung to, have the courage to imagine a better life. You are capable of it. Don't wait for someone to hand it to you, you'll be waiting your whole life. You are important so if you want to feel important you have to act important.

Don't wait anymore. Be brave and brazen. Take control of your story and break the character you've been living in. You deserve it because you've been important the whole time. Prove the lies in your head wrong, change and be the main character in your story <3