This is my first article in this platform and I'm excited to get to write some more.
This article was inspired by user: @babettekloetstra
Please enjoy!

1) What were you doing right before this?

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2) What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

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Writing and studying.

3) What is your current obsession?

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Crime Shows or psychological thrillers. Mainly Criminal Minds.

4) What are you typically doing on a day off?

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Baking. Or at least attempting to bake something edible :)

5) What is your favorite place to visit?

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Cancun, Mexico

6) What is a hobby you would never give up?

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Karate, reading, traveling, and learning many many new subjects.

7) What hobby do you plan on picking on?

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Boxing or kickboxing.

8) How would you define yourself in three words?

Indecisive, random, calm.

9) What scares you the most?

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not finding my purpose in life. never finding my true passion.

10) What makes you feel the angriest?

Egotistical People or just people who believe the world doesn't deserve them.

11) Who is the most fashionable person you know?

My cousin. She is literally the most prettiest and has very good taste in almost everything.

12) What is your favorite animal?

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Probably dogs.

13) What is your favorite thing to eat?

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Chicken Tenders or Chicken Strips.

14) What was your favorite movie as a kid?

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Cinderella. I watched it so many times I actually knew all the lines.

15) Do you speak any foreign languages?

Yes. English, Spanish, and a little French.

16) When do you feel most beautiful?

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After eating well and exercising.

17) What is your favorite color?

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18) Who is your boy crush?

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Mathew Gray Gubler.

19) Heels or flats?

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20) Windows or aisle seats?

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Both. I sometimes like to sit on a window seat to watch the sky and all but sometimes I like to sit on an aisle seat to look at the other passengers all absorbed in their own minds. Everyone's in their own little world.

21) Coffee or tea?

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Coffee. Definitley coffee.

22) If you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?

"She's trying her best."

23) What was the last country you visited?

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24) What was the best gift you have ever recieved?

My grandma used to always gift me books for my birthday. She was the best. She really knew me.

25) If you could play one instrument which one would it be?

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26) If you had a tattoo what would it be?

I don't think I would ever get a tattoo. I feel like it doesn't fit my personality.

27) Winter or summer?

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28) Sweet or Savory?

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29) Dogs or cats?

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Um... dogs.

30) What is your favorite flower?

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31) Favorite actress?

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Aubrey Plaza. I love her personality. She is super talented.

32) Favorite actor?

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Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are both so talented and they make the best movies.

33) Favorite holiday?

christmas, cozy, and snow image christmas, empire state building, and new york image

34) Cutest thing in the world?

Can't think of anything.

35) If you could go to any concert which one would it be?

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I don't know. I don't have a favorite artist.

36) Who makes you laugh the most?

My dad.

37) Favorite music genre?

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I really like old music. I don't know what genre that would be.

38) Movie that makes you cry everytime you watch it?

couple, 20th century women, and Elle Fanning image Elle Fanning and all the bright places image Elle Fanning, justice smith, and all the bright places image film, all the bright places, and film details image
All the Bright Places

39) What tv shows are you currently watching?

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Hannibal. I barley started it.

40) A book you plan on reading?

the picture of dorian gray, twitter, and benbarnes image book, oscar wilde, and vintage image Temporarily removed ben barnes, dorian gray, and oscar wilde image
The Picture of Dorian Gray by: Oscar Wilde (It sounds interesting.)

41) Must have beauty product?

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42) What is your zodiac sign?

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43) Eye color?

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44) Hair color?

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Light brown.

45) Favorite thing to wear?

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46) Dream job?

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Something in the medical field.

47) When was the last time you cried?

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Idk. Can't remember.

48) Favorite sound?

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The sound of rain.

49) Introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

Introvert. I can't socialize.

50) One thing you can't live without?

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Music. I always sing even though I probably annoy the heck out of my parents.

51) Favorite band?

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The Kills or The Runaways

52) Name of your first pet?


53) If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

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The ability to control time. Like Doctor Strange.

53) Are you happy with your handwriting?

not right now. My hands start shaking when I write and it ends up looking crooked. This started recently. It's weird. I have problems :)

54) Do you like surprises?

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YESS!! They're one of my favorite things.

55) Best advice ever given?

Image by ๐บ๐‘–๐‘ข๐‘™๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘›๐‘Ž ๐‘๐จ๐ฌ๐ž ๐Œ๐ž๐ซ๐ž๐ง๐œ๐ž quotes, inspiration, and manifest image
Don't envy those who have more than you. Instead help those who are less fortunate than you. Always keep yourself grounded and you will be satisfied.

56) Favorite female solo artist?

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Ariana Grande. So beautiful and extremely talented.

57) What color is your toothbrush?


58) Are you scared of the dark?

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No. Never have been.

59) What is the coolest thing in the world?

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Gymnastics. I think it's mindblowing.

60) If you could be successful in one sport, what would it be?

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Martial Arts.

61) Scary movies or happy endings?

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Happy Endings.

62) Something from your childhood you still have?

A poetry book.

63) If you had the chance to change something what would it be?

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Racism. The world would be so much better if it didn't exist.

64) A song you are obsessed with right now?

alexander hamilton image hamilton, helpless, and alexander hamilton image alexander, hamilton, and play image acting, actors, and actresses image
All 46 songs from the Hamilton musical. Theyr'e stuck in my head all day.

65) Go to lipstick color?

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Clear gloss.

66) What are you most passionate about?

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My dreams.

67) Something from your childhood you still have?

Stuffed animals.

68) What's your favorite time of the day?

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Mornings. So fresh and peaceful.

69) What do you notice when you first meet someone?

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Their mouth.

70) What places do you want to visit?

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Greece and New York (Broadway).

71) What does your name mean?

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According to Urban Dictionary Elisa means: really precious, rare to find, said to bring happiness and luck. yay!

72) Your favorite word in english?

moon, water, and night image beauty, makeup ideas, and cosmetics image

73) How long did it take you to write this?

Around 4 hours.