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Name: Louise Evans
Nickname: Lou


ana and thinspo image Image removed


yes, that's right, angels have family. well, it's more of a squad. they work together and trust each other completely.

beach, blue, and soft image Belgrade, Serbia, and couple image
luke creevey. luke is the squad's leader, something of a father figure. louise looks up to him endlessly.
amber, asian girl, and jung image tattoo and moon image
luna. she doesn't have a surname as she doesn't remember it. she's been an angel the longest and is something of a mother figure for louise. she's the comforting one who looks after them all.
quote image fashion and penelope cruz image
penelope refuses to use her surname now that she's dead and doesn't have to. louise thinks of her as an older sister. she can be a bit harsh with her, but in the end she'll always have her sister's back.


fashion, girl, and summer image makeup, glitter, and gold image gold, makeup, and eye image accessories, chic, and fashion image
short wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes


blue, aesthetic, and locker image aesthetic, gloss, and grunge image girl, bed, and blonde image funny, Lazy, and need image
tolerant, open, broad-minded, matter-of-fact, sensual, lazy


chanel, fashion, and heels image fashion, style, and korean style image fashion, pink, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
lots of pastel colours


wings, angel, and grunge image witch, magic, and wicca image
protection shield, the ability to fly, and the ability to manipulate objects and some animals at will


jump and sky image boy image
alex parker. after she fell to earth, he offered her a place to stay.
aesthetic, ginger, and hair image bird, clouds, and smoke image
erin cook. erin's another angel who find her after the fall.
makeup, eyes, and brown eyes image Image by Ana Paula Horta
fizz favorleigh. fizz is one of alex's friends whom she ends up spending time with.
blonde, curly, and hair image summer, friends, and vintage image
florence wilson. florence is alex's childhood friend who louise quickly gets to know whilst living with him.

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