Hello. My WeFam. It's Nicole and I'm back with another new article. In honest of something happened everyday this week in the Henry Danger Universe. The 21 of July marks 4 months since the last episode ever aired on March 21th. Today we will be discussing the ending of Henry Danger. Now if you have been living under a rock and missed the finale, you might not want to read this because there are spoiler so read with cautions.

Okay so before I get into the real ending. This was what I thought based on the trailer they made to preview the last 4 episodes. So again this is how I thought it was going to end.
Henry is going to quit
Henry is going to move away and go to college
Henry is going to turn evil
Captain Man is going to lose his powers
Drex and Kid Danger are going to fight Captain Man

This is the real ending in the final 4 episodes
Episode 1 of the final 4 is called Beginning of the End
It is revealed in that episode
That is Henry's friends and sister are graduating high school and going to college. He is not because he didn't get enough credit
Henry gets offense a job to be a superhero in another town
He denined the job and actually quits being kid danger after Ray and Henry get into a fight

Episode 2 of the final 4 is called Captain Drex
Drex comes back and sends cavemen to fight Henry at his house
Henry has to fight the cavemen off while proofing to his parents that he is kid danger
Drex takes Schowz and Bose hostage to the Airplane Dept
Henry come back to the mancave to fight Drex
Henry's friends also are spending one night in the desert as their senior trip

Episode 3 of the final 4 is called Fate of Danger Part 1
Henry, Piper, Charlotte and Jasper think of a plan to save everyone from Drex
Piper and Jasper go save Henry's Parents from the cavemen at their house
Charlotte works on the omega weapon that Schowz started
Henry, Mika and Miles go find Ray
Drex has the memory wiper and is getting a blimp to memory wipe the city of swellview

Episode 4 of the final 4 is called Fate of Danger Part 2
Everyone meets back at Man Cave
Charlotte finishes the omega weapon
Henry and Ray take the weapon to the Airplane Dept
The weapon breaks. Henry, Mika, Miles, Chapa and Bose try and fix it.
The weapon's goal is to make Drex not indestructible. While Captain Man and Drex are fighting. The weapon makes Captain Man not indestructible and also gives Henry, Bose, Miles and Chapa their powers.
Drex, Henry and Ray have a flight on the blimp. Drex rips off both their masks and then rips a hole in the blimp after he falls off.
Ray and Henry try and fixes the blimp but it is too late. Henry choose to stay on the blimp to steel it to MT Swellview. We then find out his new superpower is a force field that saves him from getting hurt.
The last big scene is the funeral of Kid Danger. Henry killed off the oar of Kid Danger so he could live a normal in Dystopia. Charlotte and Jasper move to Dystopia with Henry to fight crime.
Ray and Schowz open a school to train their new team

So that is how the show ends. I think it was one of the best series ending I have seen. There was just enough ending for the audience to be happy with.
I think it is a great ending and a great episode. You should totally go watch it again because why not.

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