Hey guys! I stumbled upon the extended version of the Dark Academia tag I did a while back and thought I should follow up.

Inspired by this article:


1. Will you dance in the moonlight, or play the piano, softly?

Image by Celeste Leon dark, grunge, and quotes image
I will dance in the moonlight. No question.

2. Will you prefer an old countryside manor, or a big city house?

house, abandoned, and nature image autumn, fall, and cozy image
This is really hard, but I'd probably say an old countryside manor.

3. In an empty classroom, will you solve equations on the blackboard, or search for answers in an old forgotten book?

Image by lindsey book, flowers, and aesthetic image
Absolutely, search for answers in an old book.

4. Will you sit on a bench, in silence, with the person that you love, or dance at a ball with the same person?

Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ love, couple, and dance image
I would dance at a ball with them.

5. Will you write music or poetry?

poems, poetry, and quotes image aesthetic, books, and dead poets society image

6. Will you go to a crowded reception, or spend the night telling horror stories to your friends?

friends, lake, and lights image grunge and tumblr image
I'll tell horror stories with my friends.

7. Will you be a student at a boarding school in the countryside, or at a prestigious university?

oxford, photography, and uni image study, college, and school image
Hopefully, a prestigious university.

8. A quiet and desired solitude or a group of friends with whom to break the rules?

friends, sunset, and aesthetic image alternative, indie, and mountains image
A group of friends with whom to break the rules. Maybe we wouldn't break them, but we'd dream about the opportunity.

9. Will you play Hamlet or Othello?

Image by ℬells Hamlet, ophelia, and picture image
Okay, I haven't read Othello yet, but Hamlet is SUCH a dynamic character and I love the mystery that surrounds him. His sarcasm is unreal and his intelligence is unattainable. All that to say, Hamlet is BOMB and I would love to play him.

10. Will you pledge allegiance to the gods of science or literature?

book, red, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and vintage image
Definitely the Gods of Literature.

11. Will you be forced to abandon love for ambition or ambition for love?

quotes, sad, and grunge image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image
I'd like to say that I'd abandon love for ambition, but I'd really do the opposite. Now that I've answered the question, I'd like to say that you shouldn't have to make a choice between the two. If the person you love holds you back then they aren't right for you.

12. Will you visit rainy London or gloomy Paris?

Image removed travel, aesthetic, and city image
Rainy London, absolutely.

13. Will you experience a forbidden love, because homosexual, or because incompatible with the social differences?

Image removed beautiful and eye image
My forbidden love will be because it is homosexual.

14. Will you play the piano or the violin?

Image by ˗ˋˏ chloe ˎˊ violin image
Probably the violin because I'm obsessed with Sherlock. Whoops.

15. Will you study late at night, or from early morning?

bart, the simpsons, and simpsons image aesthetic, calm, and dark image
Late night studying for me, baby.

16. Will you be crazy about old novels or old movies?

book, vintage, and anne of green gables image actress, legend, and Marilyn Monroe image
This is a situation in which I must say both.

17. Will you visit an abandoned chapel, at night, or a hidden library?

book, library, and vintage image book, girl, and library image
A hidden library sounds so awesome.

18. Will you wear tweed blazer or a trench coat?

jacket, star, and style image brown image
Tweed blazer please and thank you.

19. Corduroy or plaid pants?

fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed
Plaid pants are a genius invention. 10/10.

20. Oxford shoes or Doc Marten's boots?

alternative, black, and black boots image doc martins and william blake image
Doc Martin boots, baby.

21. A beige blouse or a black turtleneck?

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image
A beige blouse. I can't stand turtlenecks.

22. A pocket watch or metal glasses?

book, pink, and glasses image book, aesthetic, and glasses image
Metal glasses

23. Will you prefer the sound of dead leaves crunching under the feet or the feeling of the sun on your skin on a winter day?

зима, снег, and лес image красиво, штора, and ярко image
The sun on a winter day

24. Will you smoke a cigarette on the terrace of a cafe, reading the newspaper, or drinking red wine at night, a violin in your hand?

Image removed violin, music, and black and white image
Red wine and a violin. Don't smoke, kids.

25. Will you spend hours in a museum, starring the same piece of art, or typing an essay on a typewriter?

art, vintage, and painting image aesthetic, art, and sweden image
I'd spend the time in the art museum.

26. Will you wear your hair tied by a ribbon, or braided?

aesthetic, bambi, and beauty image fashion, girl, and style image
Tied by a ribbon

27. A hazy graveyard at dusk, or a wild horse running in a field?

Baltic Sea, country, and fields image aesthetics, nature, and field image
A horse in a field

28. Will you prefer a Gothic-style building (high windows, towers) or neoclassical (columns, sober)?

castle, architecture, and gothic image dark, gothic, and sky image
Gothic style building, for sure

29. Will you meet your love in secret between two shelves in the library, or behind a chapel?

love, library, and book image friends, book, and friendship image
Lovers in the library

30. Will you read Jane Austen or Henry James?

books, emma, and jane austen image austen, happy, and book lover image
Jane Austen. No question.

31. Will you wear the portrait of your loved one as a medallion, or place one of their letters against your heart?

flowers, aesthetic, and letters image letters, vintage, and Letter image
I will hold their letters close.

Thank you!! <3