this is something new and i thought it was interesting so i wanted to try it! i hope you enjoy it!!

it was based off of my "if i were famous..." tag

and inspired by...

let's get into it!

username: moorebailey
name: bailey moore
bio: just a girl that's winging it
following: 196
followers: 24.6M


aesthetic, alternative, and balloons image Image by saralawson97
wouldn't give these girls up for anything // hopped off the plane at lax
luxury, city, and coffee image quotes, self love, and words image
he came in and told me to pose without question, i love it // never forget. x
aesthetic, animal, and cat image accessories, beach, and fashion image
guys!! meet beans! // out of office.
birthday, bouquet, and date image beautiful, beauty, and blonde image
my friends love me // i was bored, had money, and probably did something like?
Harry Styles, style, and one direction image actress, singer, and melanin image
he doesn't know i took this picture but he's so pretty // ahhh!!! look at this gorgeous honey! love you, z. ♡
dress, fashion, and gold image Image by saralawson97
eat your heart out and watch me win tonight // girls trip 2.0
cardigan, folklore, and Taylor Swift image Image by Private User
thank you so much, @taylorswift! i love the album and the cardigan! // i made friends!

it's not extremely long, but i hope you still liked it! i'll definitely be doing a part two at some point!! :) thank you for taking the time to read and i hope you enjoy everything else i put out!
it's not that long, but i didn't want it to be hella boring. i had so much fun doing this sksksk.