Hello loves! I'm back with another article all about self-care. These are just some easy and simple daily self care practices you can do to help you be a better you. Of course take these how you like, I just wanted to share these with you all. I hope you enjoy it! ♥

1. Say something positive about yourself when you first wake up or in the mirror

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2. Go for a walk and appreciate the life around you

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3. Take a multivitamin and eat healthy foods

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4. Write things down when you think of it

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5. Practice forgiveness, for yourself and others

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6. Take a detox bath

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7. Do breathing exercises

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8. Wear moisturizer and/or sunscreen whenever you go out

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9. Practice daily meditation, reflection, affirmation, or devotion

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10. Take a day or more off social media or your phone

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11. Read a book at least once a month or more

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12. Do yoga

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13. Maximize your strengths

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14. Visualize the outcomes of your experiences

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15. Nurture your relationships

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16. Save some money every week

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17. Get rid of clothes you don't wear/need

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18. Exercise

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19. Take a day for yourself

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20. Smile :)

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Hope you enjoyed this article! :)
Stay positive,
spread happiness,
and inspire others.

Love, Raianna